A Bright Light on a Dreary Day

Posted by Stephanie on January 27, 2014

bigbangBigBang is coming! BigBang is coming! Well, not here, but they are coming back! And that’s good enough for me.

How long is too long between albums? I’m not sure if there is an exact science to it, but I feel pretty secure in saying 2 years between albums is way too freaking long. I’d actually begun to believe they weren’t going to be coming back. You know, with everyone off doing their own things, and getting older, meaning it’s almost military time for somebody.

But luckily I was completely wrong!! During their last Japan concert GDragon announced that not only are they releasing new music this summer, it’s going to be a full album. As, *grumbles*, I hate it when you’re waiting for new music and it’s a single (T.O.P) or a mini album (Nell).

Now that we have a time frame, all that’s left is to sit back and wait. And hope. Please be as good as Alive, please. I promise, if you are at least ¾ as good as Alive, I will be a very good girl. I’ll eat my vegetables, stop planning my neighbors demise, and will be nice to small children. Please don’t pull a B.A.P and fiddle with your sound.
I guess we just have to put our faith in GDragon and his leadership of the group and their sound. And he is on a hot streak right now. Actually, looking back at their time apart, all the boys are. I loved both GDragon CD’s (yes, he’s had 2 in the time that BigBang has been out), T.O.P’s Doom Dada was awesome, and I even enjoyed the releases of Taeyang and Seungri. How could all this talent let us down?

Lets all say it together “squeeeeee!”

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