Musical Monday: The Sunny Hill Edition

Posted by Stephanie on January 27, 2014

Screenshot 2014-01-27 at 8.29.33 AMI’m on a hunt guys, a hunt to find more music by women that I actually enjoy. If you look at my phone (where I keep all my music) it’s like a man-acopia, a definite boy bias. I’ve decided it’s time to change.
Now if only the girl groups would cooperate with me and would hold down on the aegyo.

This song? Ageyo free! (Although I have to say it is probably the weepiest anyone could ever be in a room filled with balloons.) I want to say I haven’t heard Sunny Hill before, but for some reason I’m thinking they’re a regular on the OST circuit, they seem to have that mellow, unobtrusive sound required for backing up on screen action. And it’s perfect for this dreary, sleepy, I don’t wanna go to work Monday.
Sunny Hill, Don’t Say Anything

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