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Posted by Stephanie on February 6, 2014

Casting News
Surprise to me, I believe I’ve developed a resistance to Park Min Young. How did this happen? I mean, I remember her being perfectly serviceable in Sungkyunkwan Scandal. She’s certainly not like the girl from Bridal Mask where the very look on her face irritates me. So why was I happy to hear she declined the offer of Doctor Stranger? And then really bummed to read, in the same article, that she was ‘looking favorably’ on joining You’re Surrounded?

Do I buy her as a ‘strong female detective’? Um. No. No more than I would buy her as a doctor over on Doctor Stranger.
There are probably many who won’t agree with me on this. Hey, that’s fine, bunny for you. Heck, I didn’t even realize I had an issue with her until today. For me though, she’s just one of those serviceable actresses, who is very cute, but doesn’t really have the power behind her to be a versatile actress. And when you cast someone like that in a ‘strong’ roll, I have trouble believing the character, and even worse, staying in the world they are trying to create.
Now this will be her first role since the uber disaster Doctor Jin. Which, funny, makes me thing that might be part of the reason she dropped Doctor Stranger. Might not be a bad show to take on two ‘doctor’ shows in a row. Why jinx it?

My fledgling interest in You’re Surrounded (the upcoming police drama starring Choi Seung Won and Lee Seung Gi) is leaking away, which makes me sad. And unfortunately, this doesn’t actually increase my interest in Doctor Stranger either. I’m gauging a big fat eh on the doctor show scale.

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