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Posted by Stephanie on February 7, 2014

Top Five

Bring on the TearsThere’s nothing like a good ugly cry. Now an ugly cry isn’t a *oh, my eyes teared up* or a *awww….that was sad* cry. And it’s not an *I’m so happy* cry either. No, an ugly cry is a good old fashioned cry like someone in your own family has died sort of cry. A cry where if someone else hears you you’d be mortified. Now this sort of cry doesn’t happen all the time, which makes them all the more special when it does. This Top 5 list is a list to celebrate that phenomenon.

Heartless City

Dear Lord. Now I knew this was technically a good drama, but I didn’t think it had actually captured my emotions, until the end. Once they killed off SPOILERS every single one of my favorite characters one by one END SPOILER I cried harder and harder until the end, when there was no consoling me. With a show so dark there was no way it could have a happy ending and be realistic–but did they have to reach into my chest and rip out my heart? Again, and again, and again?

Scent of a Woman

This was my very first tearjerker and while Iknow the whole drama is about a woman who finds out she’s about to die, I didn’t think it would actually go down that way! Not. My. Fault. The premise of this is exactly like the movie Last Holiday with Queen Latifa. And that movie? It was all a “whoops, you’re not really dying!” So I watched a good part of this movie waiting for the *whoops* moment which never came. I cried so hard I scared the cat.

Answer Me 1994

answer me 2
Is it me or were they just hunting for our tears during the first half of this drama? Sad thing after sad thing culminating with the collapses of the shopping mall. Now, I didn’t cry so much for the characters, but to know that this actually happened? Heartbreaking. Then to top it off with the last shot of seeing the special watch on the wrist of the dead man, realizing it was the cute husband who’s wife had just been cleared to leave the hospital after beating cancer? And he’d gone to the shopping mall to pick her up the special food she liked? Guys, I’m tearing up just typing this.

A Moment to Remember

moment to remember2
This one is a movie about a forgetful woman who falls in love with a loner, brings him out of his shell, they marry, and are blissfully happy. You know, until she finds out she has a fast moving form of Alzheimer’s. WHY, Korea, Why do you do this to me?? The last scene where her husband, desperate to reconnect with her, tries to recreate their first meeting at a mini-mart, and all the people who love her are around pretending to be customers, workers, ect watching her with hopeful eyes? Okay. Before I was tearing up? Now I’m sitting at Caffe Bene totally crying. This is not good. For such a sad, sad fate, the movie is able to end on such a positive note. She may not remember forever, but they will have and cherish her last few moments of memory.

Life Is Beautiful

lib3 (1)
This show–so many feelz. It’s actually a drama I’m watching (and loving the hell out of) right now. I knew tears and angst were coming my way with the closeted gay son. His parents had to find out and he (and we) feared the worst. What we got instead was the most amazing set of kdrama parents, probably ever. This is the only one on the list that made me cry buckets and buckets without having somebody die, almost die, or dying adjacent. I almost held this pick out for top 5 happy cries, but while it was a happy/reieved moment, it was a full on ugly cry. I love this couple and I love this family.
Honorable mentions: The Greatest Love, Thank You, Sad Movie

So guys–I know it’s not just me who this happens to. What are some of your ugly cries? And have you ever been caught mid-sob? Please share so I don’t feel like I’m a weirdo.

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