Friday Fun! BigBang & Kim Yuna

Posted by Stephanie on February 21, 2014

Fun Friday/ Music
RedIn honor of Kim Yuna, or as she’s known in Korea, Queen Yuna’s silver medal win yesterday (or her being robbed of the gold depending on how you look at it) in figure skating, Thea found us a fun video.
Did you know Queen Yuna sings? Did you know she sang with BigBang? Can you believe how young BigBang looks in this? Oh how our boys have grown. I hope you have fun with the video and, if you are in the she was robbed of the gold medal, I hope it makes you feel just a little bit better.

And now that she’s officially retired, do you think she’ll go on Running Man? Now that would be an episode I’d make sure I don’t sleep through.
Shouts of Red the episodes


Shouts of Red the full song

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