Roy Kim’s Returning From The Great Beyond (America)

Posted by Stephanie on February 24, 2014

roy kimSo here’s some pretty cool news to go along with our weekly serving of Musical Monday. Roy Kim is going to be making a comeback!

I’m a big fan of Roy Kim—have been since I first time I’ve ever seen him with his performance on the 2012 MAMA’s. He was bold, fresh, and aggressive. I couldn’t wait for his music to come out. Of course, then I was surprised when instead of the bold rocker we got a Jack Johnson.

I’m making that sound like that’s a bad thing.

It wasn’t, it was just a surprise. Luckily, I do like Jack Johnson and I did like the version of Roy Kim that we received.

However, after 2 mini-albums Roy Kim left (or was dropped) his agency, came to the US to go to school. Now all rumor and innuendo, some say this had to do with the repeated plagiarism claims against him (neither claim went anywhere). As I like Roy Kim, I was disheartened that it looked like he was done.

But he’s a-comin’ back!

News today is that Roy has signed on with CJ E&M and plans for a new full album to come out this fall. I’m so excited! I find him charming, I like his music, and I can’t wait to hear more!

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