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Posted by Stephanie on March 7, 2014

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I don’t care how many other dramas Lee Sang Woo does in his career, he will always be Tae Sub’s boyfriend to me. Awww…Life Is Beautiful how I miss you.  I’m sure everyone has those sort of characters/roles, the ones that stick with you and so the actor will never be able to escape them.Grudgingly moving on, I see he’s signing onto another weekend drama called Feel Good Day. Now here is another very hard working actor as this would be (not saying is as in Kdrama, you know not to accept any casting until filming actually begins.) his third consecutive drama. Knowing the stamina one needs to have just to do one live shoot drama, I can only imagine he’s a very, very healthy man to be able to go from one to another to another.

This new drama looks like it would be right up my alley, which is a nice change as I had absolutely no interest in seeing his last drama, One Warm Word (I dislike cheating storylines) and while I had originally been interest in Goddess of Marriage (woot Kim Ji Hoon!) as spoilers came out on that drama, I heard it’s really pretty bad, and not one I’m going to spend 36 hours of my very valuable Kdrama watching time on.

Sorry Kim Ji Hoon.

So I guess I’ll say I’m tentatively interested in this one. It’s a weekend drama. I like those. It’s about a single mom trying to marry off her three daughters. I like the possibility of having not one, not two, but three romances in a single drama, so that’s exciting. However, it reminds me of Marriage Plot, which I really didn’t like. I like the idea of having a spunky single mom, but it could go one of two ways. She could be the warm and understanding mother like Life Is Beautiful (yes please!) or she could be the shrew who bullies and manipulates her daughters. (Ugh.) And then there’s the whole drama of how she became to be a single mother. Death? Divorce? How is she looked upon by others? If it’s not in a good light then I see a problem with potential mother in-laws for her daughters. Mothers in-laws who won’t want their precious offspring mixing with those sort of people.

Come on it’s Kdrama–we know it’s going to happen.

Now as for Lee Sang Woo’s (potential) character, he’s supposed to live with the family next door, be a regular working guy (I LOVE regular, non-chaebol heroes), whose churlish demeanor hides a nice person. Ahem. Been there, shipped that. He’s of course going to be matched with one of the daughters. Um. That’s going to be weird for me as, I mentioned before, he will always be Tae Sub’s boyfriend.

Hey Lady, get your hands of Tae Sub’s man!

As this drama is written by the same writer as the weepy-weepfest I Miss You and the cracky makjang Can You Hear My Heart (wow, its been a while since I’ve seen that one! I’m suddenly craving a rewatch.) this has the possibility to be over the top and weepy. Although, the description now doesn’t really imply that, so maybe the writer will tone it down this time. Maybe.

I’m going to keep my fingers crossed for this one as I could use another lovely weekend drama. I’ve spent too much time in Japan as of late and I’m looking for an in back to Kdrama-land.

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