God’s Quiz 4? Hrm

Posted by Stephanie on March 12, 2014

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gods quiz 1Really? No seriously, really? Why? Waeoooo?

I’ve been meaning to talk about this since I first heard OCN was planning the fourth season to what I’m guessing is their hit, God’s Quiz. (You know, because it would have to be a success of they choose to roll out the drama not one but four times.)

Do we need another God’s Quiz? As much as I have big, big, red fluffy hearts of love for Ryu Deok Hwan and the original character of Dr. Han, I think the drama is suffering from the same ills of American shows that go on for too long.
As I said, I love Dr Han. He’s such a great character. So bitingly smart, a witty jokester, with a giant heart. However, as every season goes on, we’ve lost more of what we liked about the him. First season was amazing–I’ve watched it multiple times. Second season was good. Third season was all “where’s the real Dr. Han?” Season three, despite going back to the original writer, was fairly unmemorable.And for a show that started out with such promise, “that just ain’t fittin’!”

I feel almost bad for saying this. Like I’m betraying Ryu Deok Hwan somehow. He is a gifted actor who seriously does not get enough credit or meaty roles. Was the last role he had really Faith?


Nope, he had a bit part in last years movie Nobody’s Daughter Haewon. To which I say–come on! He’s way better than bit parts. So I should be glad that he’s starring in another drama, right? And it’s not like the don’t torture Dr Han enough to make him interesting to play. So I should be happy about this.

Not to mention–I should also be happy that Dr Han survived the cliffhanger from last year. Oh God. Unless he didn’t and they are revamping, recasting the series. GASP! I just realized there are worse things than a fourth God’s Quiz. A God’s Quiz without Dr Han at the helm.

I’m not even sure where they’d take the story from here. Would the firsts cop and girlfriend of Dr Han come back? *SPOILERS* In the last episode of season 3 (which I totally had to go rewatch because I remembered nothing–not a good sign) the new cop was reassigned to another area of the country, girfriend/cop came back from her schooling, it’s another year later, oh, and Dr. Han pretty much died after possibly not defeating his alter ego. *End SPOILERS*

I hate cliffhangers.

Would we get yet another season of Dr Han fighting with the other side of his brain? Why can we not let Dr. Han just have the happy ending he deserves and let him be?

The worst part of all this? If this news comes to pass–I’m totally going to watch. I’ve already invested 3 seasons. If Dr Han is alive, I need to see him again.

And if he is dead and they recast? I’ma gonna come and find you dramamakers….

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