Possible Sequel for My Love From Another Star? Please No

Posted by Stephanie on March 20, 2014

my love from another star

In other news and by other I mean ill advised, money-grubbing, makes Stephanie cranky news, I read an article in the Korea Times where the producer of My Love From Another Star says he would like to make a sequel to the drama.

Okay, I get that–it was a very popular hit. Popularity means more money and of course another feather in the cap of “Aren’t I so awesome?” So it’s hard for producers to let a money maker go and set their sights on the new and untried.

And it doesn’t’ help that producers are egged on by the fact that at the end of a favorite drama, there are plenty of watchers who are just not ready to say goodbye to the characters they’ve grown to love. This furor may lead them to root for things (like sequels) which are not really in those characters best interest and will ultimately end up tainting the original.


Both of these things are pretty much expected in the drama universe and doesn’t really make me cranky. It was this line that really burned my buttons:

“Do can be portrayed through diverse eras such as during the Joseon Kingdom, Japanese colonial period, or in the ‘70s. Maybe Chun Song-i (played by Jun) might not be Do’s first love. I want to make it if possible,”

What. The. Fudge.

Is this guy insane? Yes, people really loved the character of Do Min Joon But was he the only reason people were watching? No! Yes, the character of the unaging, super cool alien was a lot of fun, but it was his pairing with the actress, Cheon Song-yi in this time which is what made the drama what it was. And most especially it was the chemistry between the two actors which really got the show off it’s feet. Heck, there were a lot of people who started watching this drama just because they knew how much chemistry the Jun Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun had in their previous work The Thieves.

So to say that “maybe Cheon Song-yi was not his first love”? Makes no sense.

First off–I know I stopped watching after episode 10, but didn’t we see his first love? I’m pretty sure she was the girl that started the whole story in the Joseon timeline. You know–the one who was Cheon Song-yi in a past life? So, Mr Producer, if you do go forward in this direction you be creating a story not of his first love, not of his last love, but of some random girl in the middle.

Come on. Who–seriously–is there anyone out there who can find themselves getting emotionally invested in a story which you know ultimately that is not only doomed from the very start, but is so inconsequential to the hero that it never comes up in My Love From Another Star?

Who would be able to watch that drama knowing he’s meant for someone else?

It kind of reminds me of US show The Carrie Diaries which are a prequel to Sex In the City. Now I liked Sex in the City well enough, but I couldn’t see how someone could get invested in loves and friendships which you know have absolutely no impact on the future drama?

Sometimes dear producers (and fans), when something is over, it’s time to let it go, remember the good times, and look forward to something new.

I’m able to get down off my soapbox as I’m fairly certain both actors are way too cool to get tangled into a sequel.

So what do you guys think about the whole sequel thing? Sequels in general or this one in particular?

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