Musical Monday: The Clazzi Edition

Posted by Stephanie on March 24, 2014

love & Hate

This Musical Monday was a little difficult. I had not a single idea which song to choose–so I just kept surfing Youtube looking for some–and when I say looking for a song? I mean just watching random videos that as I went along had less and less to do with musical anything.

Ah, the rabbit hole that is Youtube.

Finally I remembered that I once compiled a list of music for times like these. It had been so long since I’d looked at it that almost all of them were new. When I saw this one I thought it said Clazziquai Project, which I knew and have had them as a musical Monday a couple of times–but it’s not–it’s just Clazzi. I’m not sure if they are related at all but I like them both.

This song is amazing! Not the sort of music that I usually listen to but I love it so much I know I’m going to go out and check out the rest of his (?) music and I’m most especially going to buy this song. I must own it.

Do you guys know Clazzi? Is it related to Clazziquai Project in any way?

This Musical Monday just reminds me that there is so much out there that I still need to learn and experience. You know, outside the realm of Kpop.

Clazzi, Love and Hate

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