America’s Next Top Runway Invades Korea, Takes Kpop Hostage

Posted by Stephanie on March 27, 2014


I’m going to admit a shameful secret, so remember this is a judgement free zone. Here goes: I’m a recovering America’s Next Top Model addict.

Man, oh man, when I had cable and there was a ANTM marathon on TV? I would sit there and watch the whole thing, it didn’t matter if I’d seen it before, if I had anything else to do that day, if…… nope, if it were on I was watching. Jay Alexander, Miss Jay, uhhh… the guy judge, even Tyra.

But, as time when on, slowly, it began to irritate me, then I no longer had cable so marathons were not as easy, and the final hammer in the coffin? They changed the format, axing my favorite regulars, and adding a dumb social media element.

Sometimes you shouldn’t meddling with a good thing.

So color me surprised today when I read that AMNTM is headed to Korea. Come on! Korea? Just when I think I’m past my addiction, Tyra, you’ve sucked me back in. It’s like you’re out to get me, personally.

Get this, not only is ANTM filming in Korea, they are also filming with Kpop stars! So far news reports have them filming with 2NE1–unsurprising that 2NE1 would be chosen considering their appearance on The Bachelor last month (NO, I do not watch The Bachelor). I don’t think 2NE1 will actually be doing anything special, I believe they will just be guests at the last fashion show.

A little more integral to the show is the other Kpop band BTOB (Okay, I have no idea who these guys are.) The band will be judging how the contestants dance to their song Beep Beep. (Seriously, what does this have to do with modeling?)

So, of course, I’m going to have to watch this (It won’t premiere until August). However, if these girls say anything mean or catty about my new favorite place ever? I will be very, very cranky. So keep it nice ladies, keep it nice.

Or. Else.

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