Fun Friday: BigBang and Haha, Haha and BigBang

Posted by Stephanie on March 28, 2014

Fun Friday/ Music

Haha BigBang 2Who needs a little Friday fun? I Do! I Do! Especially after the crap-ass week I’ve had. It’s Friday everyone–time to celebrate!

While looking for Monday’s Musical Monday, I came across a note in my excel sheet that was just a Youtube link. No name, no note, nothing. So I tried out the link and found this. Then proceeded to die with laughter.

I love BigBang, I love Haha. I love You Are My Destiny, I love Last Farewell. Now imagine them all sung live? And with Haha and BigBang performing together? How could I not love this?

Thank you Youtube, you know just how to make a girl feel better.

Seeing this again now is especially funny considering the reemergence of my love of Running Man. Seeing the impish Haha obvously having a great time with the guys was a great laugh. It makes me think of that Running Man episode where BigBang were the special guests and Haha taunted GDragon, only to have that come back and haunt him in the next challenge.

Thanks BigBang. Thanks Haha. Now I can truly look forward to a great weekend.

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