Kdrama Weekend?

Posted by Stephanie on March 28, 2014


rainy weekendRainy Weekend! Time to make some plans, but what to do, what to do? Nowadays I always feel so lame-o spending my weekends at home, but I think I can get away with it this time for a few reasons. 1) I did actually leave the house this week a couple of times once to go see Heathers the Musical with our good friend Thea and then again when I had a meeting in the city and coerced my boss to buy me Korean food. Luckily it  really wasn’t hard to do as he loves Korean food too.

And 2? It’s supposed to be cold and rainy all weekend. 

So, I think, if I decide to do so, I can totally not feel guilty about watching tv this weekend. Of Course there is always bloggy things I could be doing (watch out for some really exciting news next week) but I spent most of Saturday last week blogging and I need to remember–I should actually watch dramas sometimes.

But then there is the immortal question–what to watch then?? Thanks to the gif power of Tumblr, I now have the urge to rewatch so many shows. All those gifs give me so many feelz! It’s all–“I love that scene!”, “That moment was amazing”, “Look at him look at her!”.

Sometimes I hate Tumblr.

I just do not have time to rewatch this growing list of dramas that are now currently on my mind. Here’s the short list:

A Gentleman’s Dignity
Coffee Prince
It Started With a Kiss
Flower Boy Next Door
Life Is Beautiful

See? How can one person get through all that? It’s a losing battle. Plus there’s the little fact that when I have a free weekend to watch dramas it’s hard to justify watching something I’ve already seen. But If I watch something I know I like, I know I’ll have a good time. But if I watch something new, there’s always the chance it’s going to be a dud–which is also wasted space.

It’s a conundrum.


  • Only completed shows please
  • Dramas I can complete in one weekend, please
  • Something good please
  • Something romance-y please
  • Say it’s okay to rewatch something please!


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