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Posted by Stephanie on March 31, 2014

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kdrama 13 copyBreaking news! I’m so happy to announce a brand new site for legally streaming kdrama, conveniently named, Kdrama. The site is actually which on the one hand, makes me think, “How cool is that?” and on the other hand, I wonder just how long ago they were able to grab that prime piece of internet real estate. Either way, its cool and easy to remember.

Kdrama is a revamped version of the kdrama site powered by Crunchyroll. With a new focus, they are updating the entire system, bringing on new dramas, and are taking on the daunting task of simulcasting.kdrama 15

Currently simulcasting 7 dramas, their professional translators plan to have the newest episodes subbed and up on their site within 12 hours of their original broadcast in Korea. Current titles include:
3 Days
Cunning Single Lady
Cheo Yong: The Paranormal Detective
Wonderful Days
Beyond the Clouds (I believe elsewhere it’s known as Full Sun)
God’s Gift 14 Days
The Woman Who married Thrice

Kdrama has also managed to score some exclusive content including the recently completed giant hit Wang Family and the currently airing Wonderful Days. (I’m pretty excited about the Wonderful Days as I’ve heard good things about it and thought about watching, not realizing none of the current big three had it.)kdrama

They currently have a fair library of dramas, but my source tells me that they have a bunch more coming by the end of the month, with plans to keep bolstering the selection as they go on.

I consider myself pretty lucky to have been a beta tester for the site and not only has the website been very smooth and easy to use, the people behind the scenes have been so nice and easy to talk to.

The site is basic and straightforward. My favorite features?

Current simulcasts are marked at the corner with a little clockkdrama 9

Exclusive content is marked with a little heart.Kdrama 10
When you are scrolling through titles, if you mouse over the picture of a drama you are interested in, a small info box will pop up with a blurb on the plot. In know this seems fairly basic, but other kdrama streaming site don’t do this, if you want to find out the synopsis of the drama, you have to go to the actual drama page, and when you ultimately discard it and back to the list page, you’re sent back to the beginning of the list. That’s precious seconds between me and my kdrama choices.
When you search for a title, not only will it bring up a the drama—well, if they have it—it will also bring up the actor pages associated with the drama.
Speaking of the search, I noticed that sometimes they use one of the alternate names of a drama (oh Kdrama and your eight names for every drama), but in the searches that I attempted, if you put in an alternate title, the drama will still pop up. Example, they call Return of Iljimae, Moon River, but if you type in Return of Iljimae, Moon River will pop up in the search.

Kdrama currently has apps for Apple and Android devices. Some of you may know Kdrama from the Roku channel, which I admit is what gives me the biggest warm fuzzies regarding this new site. Out of all the Kdrama channels, this has always worked the best for me, even when I lived in New Hampshire with less than great internet. In the future, with the revamp of the Kdrama website, they do have plans to give the Roku channel a facelift to go along with the new style and—best yet—will be adding new titles.kdrama 11

Kdrama will be a free service—with the usual commercial breaks. They will be offering a premium service which, at $6.99 a month, will get you upgraded quality, and, of course, no pesky commercials. If you sign up during their first month, they will be offering a free 60-day trial period.

Guys, I can’t tell you how excited I am for this release. I think it means so much for Kdrama watchers. It shows that Kdrama is getting popular enough for people to stand up and take notice, for companies like this to work with the broadcasters to get us the dramas we so desperately want to see, legally.

With more competition, will this force all the providers to boost up their game and competition? It can only mean good things for us, the viewers.

I hope Kdrama (laugh—both the company and the genre) a great success!

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