Triangle–And Not Of The Love Variety

Posted by Stephanie on April 3, 2014


TriangleAlthough it is Kdrama, so the chances of there being a love triangle is pretty freaking high. Like a 82% chance. Probably more like 91.

News is is that Jaejoong is coming back to dramaland! He hasn’t been in our neck of the woods since his pretty awesome turn in Protect The Boss. Which was a really long time ago, wasn’t it? WAIT. Scratch that–he was totally in Time Slip Dr Jin! My brain must have blocked that out. Which I’m able to do–you know–because I haven’t seen it. Those of you who did watch it probably still have it burned behind your retinas.

So Time Slip Doctor Jin was still 2 summers ago, and in the world of dramas, that’s like a bajillion years. Good thing he has that whole music career to fall back on.

He’s joining Z:EA’s Im Siwan and Lee Bum Soo in Triangle  as brothers separated sometime in the past who suddenly reconnect. Imagine that day?

“It’s you! I thought you were dead!”
“No, no I thought you were dead!” 
Add some repressed resentments and hostilities which boil over before every one reconciles and lives happily ever after with whatever life-mates the plot throws their way–and you’ve got yourself a kdrama!

So Bum Soo plays the older brother. Bum Soo who, unlike JaeJoong is coming almost directly from his last drama, Prime Minister and I, into this. I guess there’s something to be said for striking while the iron is hot–or I would say that if I liked him. But I don’t, so I won’t. And I probably won’t watch either. Which is a shame as the premise actually looks pretty interesting. You know, if it doesn’t turn too makjang-y.

Triangle is scheduled to start in May after the ratings giant Empress Ki ends. Empress Ki which, of course followed Wang Family, which killed in the ratings too. Is Triangle enough to make it a three-peat? Hrm. My guess? Probably not.

Although, news today is that they signed Baek Jin Hee as the love interest of the drama, Baek Jin Hee just coming from Empress Ki, so maybe she’ll being some winning mojo with her.

Looking at her filmography, this girl is putting the guys to shame! Not only is she just coming off Empress Ki, she’s also currently a castmember in the new variety show Laws of the City. Good for her.

Still doesn’t really make me want to watch the show though. Maybe as we get closer and more information comes in? Until then it will stay on the meh shelf for me.

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