Musical Monday: The Akdong Musician Edition

Posted by Stephanie on April 6, 2014


Akdong Musician 3 (1)I can’t believe this has finally come out–I’ve been waiting to hear the first release of Akdong Musician for what seems like forever. A brother and sister music duo, they won the second season of the music show K-pop Star. It’s so rare to have a mixed group in the land of Kpop that when one slips through, I’m going to have to check it out.

I’m not sure how I feel about the song. It’s good, very cute, but maybe just not my style. I have to say though, funny for me, is I do like Lee Soo Hyun’s voice out of the two–I can’t believe she’s only 14.

The video is pretty cute, and the twist just made me a little sad. Isn’t that always the way? In my head though, he’s totally going to see through his jerky girlfriend and realize how much the other girl loves him. You know, because in my head, everything is a drama.

Akdong Musician, 200%

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