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Posted by Stephanie on April 8, 2014


Doctor strangerFirst teaser for Doctor Stranger is out! And I am feeling very ‘eh’ about it. (I’m fully aware that this is going to be a monumentally unpopular stance–but I can’t help it.) Don’t get me wrong, (before I lose various friends) Lee Jong Suk looks awesome. From what I thought was going to be a straight doctor show, is morphing into a slightly political thriller with a doctor twist. What a great way to take the tired doctor show genre and give it a new twist.


I have to say, I really like seeing Lee Jong Suk being all serious and must also say, him with straight dark hair? My favorite look for him.

Doctor Stranger is being helmed by the Jin Hyeok who certainly knows how to create a hit as his other dramas include Master’s Sun, City Hunter, Prosecutor Princess, and Shining Inheritance. Now that’s a collection of new classics.

Of them all, Doctor Stranger has the feel of City Hunter.

So add that to the fact that Lee Jong Suk is white hot right now? I’m fairly certain this is going to be an immediate ratings giant–so my ‘eh’ shouldn’t hurt them at all.

With all these good things in the shows favor, how can I still be ‘eh’ about it you ask? It’s that girl. Even from the small bits of her in the teaser, Jin Se Yoon just irritates me. I don’t think she can pull off these big roles that she’s being given. And is it just me or does she keep playing the same part? Sort of. Here Lee Jong Suk’s character is a South Korean doctor raised in North Korea, who is forced to go back to the South leaving his girlfriend behind. His plan–if he chooses to accept it? Save her.

That certainly sounds a lot like her role in Bridal Mask.

On the bright side–maybe she’ll double book a drama (which she did in both Bridal Mask andInspiring Generation) and ****SPOILER*** get killed in the last few episodes which happened again in both Bridal Mask and Inspiring Generation. Yeah. That’s not similar at all****End Spoiler***

I know, I’m such a Negative Nelly–but I can’t help it. I don’t care for her and she keeps junking up dramas I want to see.

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