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Posted by Stephanie on April 8, 2014

gods quiz 1
Soooo….God’s Quiz 4 is definitely happening. Umm, yay? It even has a timeslot on the schedule (June). Well, I guess if it’s actually going to happen for realz it might as well not dither around and just start already. Although now we have a full cast–and some new brand spanking new promotional character shots.  Yay!.
As for casting for the drama–looks like it’s an idol-apalooza up in here….hrm.

First off we have Donghae from Super Junior. Well. I like Super Junior and its not like he’s never been in a drama before. I believe his last roll was a lead in the fluffy cable drama Panda and Hedgehog. Which I didn’t watch (and don’t really plan on watching either). Of course my favorite role of his would be as biker #2 in the MV for Motorcycle, his latest Japanese release with his SUJU buddy, Eunhyuk.
gods quiz 4 4
And he’s not playing either the corpse or bad guy of the week! His character is apparently a very smart newbie doctor who idolizes Doctor Han and has studied all his work. It makes me wonder if this means the other guy, who pretty much played that same role (remember porn guy?) is not going to be featured this season. As it’s technically a workplace drama I don’t really fault them for getting more cast in as in a real workplace, staff does turn over. I just liked the interaction between the two original characters–porn guy totally understood Dr Han and was totally an enabler to him. Not so much in the last season as that season everyone was more grown up (which is also code for–total bummers.)
gods quiz 4 3

The other idol casting we have is Jaekyung from the girl group Rainbow. This means nothing to me–I’ve never heard of them before. Oh wait! Yes I think I have–wasn’t one of the girls of Rainbow in one of the seasons of Inspiring Youth? I watched a couple of episodes of that. Laugh. However, that still doesn’t count as knowing them as an idol group.gods quiz 4 2

Greatest news yet though? We’ve got confirmation that Yoon Joo Hee is back in her role as the detective Kang Hyung Hee. Of course whether she is still Doctor Han’s girlfriend is yet to be seen. However, with her return, and the cuteness of these first pictures, I’m starting to feel a little better that they are going to pull the series from the angst fest spiral it was headed down. Perhaps I should look forward to watching it? Maybe? Consider my fingers crossed!

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