Gap Dong’s Toothless Teaser–Sign of Things To Come?

Posted by Stephanie on April 10, 2014


gapdongJust a quick post–tonight the thriller Gap Dong premiers on TvN. And you know me, I love me some cable shows, so I was interested. And Lee Joon looks completely freaky and creepy in the promotional pictures. Now this is one idol performance I’m looking forward to.

This morning I talked about the teaser for Big Man and in the past I’ve talked about how a good teaser can be. So when I heard that Gap Dong was premiering tonight, I thought I’d go out and check that teaser, to be teased.

Um. Yeah. Except for the fact that for a thriller about a serial killer the teaser is fairly boring. There were actually a bunch of teasers almost all the same level of boredom. I mean it’s not like they are terrible, it just doesn’t leave you with that “I GOTTA WATCH!” feeling a well done teaser would. I wonder if it’s the show that’s going to turn out to be a bust or they just need to get better people on their promotional production staff.

I’m going to cross my fingers for the latter.

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