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Posted by Stephanie on April 10, 2014


big manSee the power a good teaser and/or trailer has? Before I watched this I knew there was an upcoming drama called Big Man, but I only knew 3 things about it.

1) Kang Ji Hwan is in it

2) The premier was pushed back a few weeks because it didn’t want to go up against the competition killer Empress Ki

3) With it’s vaguely business-y or revenge-y plot I had no interest in watching.

Then last night I saw an article which mentioned the teaser had been released and since I was bored–or to be more to the point–procrastinating, I gave it a try. It’s one of the first teasers I’ve seen that has been subbed in English. You know, because why spend valuable subbing efforts on teasers and trailers when there are full on episodes to sub.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jc_77Xoa5hg]

Have I mentioned how much I love you subbers? Seriously, I want to do some sort of complicated synchronized hand movement with you. Subbers 4 Life!

Anywho, I still have no real idea what the show is about, but here’s what I think (and I have not read the synopsis)

Chaebol son needs heart transplant, father who of course expects to get everything he wants, is angry when he can’t find a heart through legal channels. Rich father decides to befriend a man who he somehow knows is the perfect match for his son, with plans to steal his heart (of course rendering the poor schlub who just wanted a friend,dead). Poor Schlub finds out the plot to steal said heart and, rather than getting the hell out of dodge, decides to plot his revenge. Wouldn’t revenge enough be the son dying? UNLESS–Rich Father actually schemed and succeeded to steal the heart of a loved one of Poor Schlub. That makes more sense.

Now this? If this is the case (and I’m still refusing to actually read the synopsis), I’m actually really interested in this story as it has the right amount of suspense, twists, and revenge. I don’t mind revenge dramas but if I’m goign to watch them I like them to be well thought out and all wins on the side of good. (I love it when bad guys fall into a really well laid trap–like the end of Gloria.)

I’ll be interested in what this show actually turns out to be.

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