You’re All Surrounded Teaser Puts All the Other Teasers To Shame

Posted by Stephanie on April 10, 2014


You're all surroundedI literally can not stop watching teasers (and for some reason I always want to capitalize Teaser. So, I was just saying no more than like an hour ago what a good teaser can do for a drama. (Sadly,Gap Dong’s teaser was a little lack-luster.) And I couldn’t be more right–and You’re All Surrounded proves it.

The soundtrack! The action! The comic book cuts! So much goodness in a 36 second package.

Guys, after watching this teaser–I can not wait to for this, what looks like a freaking awesome and cool drama to come out. Not kidding, I even checked the schedule as to when it was coming out–you know pretending like I’d actually simulcast it?

I haven’t been this excited for a drama in a long time. See TvN, now this is what a good teaser is supposed to do. Edge of my seat, fire in the blood excitement.

I meant to talk about the drama before, but you know, time gets away from me. I liked the pictures released and I think Lee Seung Gi looks awesome as a cop. And Cha Seung Won? Well, doesn’t he already scream chiseled cop?

The premise of the group of new cops and the older cop put in charge of them just has so many possibilities–and the comic book tone they have in the teaser? Is it too much to ask that it actually stays with the drama? (Please God’s of Kdrama, please. I have been a very good girl this year and I deserve an awesome drama.)

Is it me or is it turning out to be a pretty good drama year so far?

Who else is excited for You’re All Surrounded?

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