Free Korean Movie Night–Monster

Posted by Stephanie on April 14, 2014


monster lee min ki

Just a quick note to any of you in the NYC area. Tomorrow is Free Korean Movie Night! What you say? There are free Korean movies to be had? Well, they’ve got to be boring super old movies right? Movies you wouldn’t actually want to see, right? 

I don’t blame you for thinking that–before I started going I thought the same thing! How does the Korean Cultural Service do it? I figured it’s best not to ask questions… But so far I’ve seen T.O.P’s movie Commitment and Woo Bin’s Friend 2. Unfortunately, I missed the rest of the series due to my knee injury this winter, but I’m back, and they’re back and tomorrow night is the night!

So what are we we watching? Lee Min Ki’s brand new thriller, Monster. Lee Min Ki? On the big screen? Nakers? FOR FREE? Well Count me in–only a fool would say no–and I am no fool. (Unless being a fool for Lee Min Ki counts!)

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