Jaejoong As A Gangster In Triangle?

Posted by Stephanie on April 16, 2014

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Triangle Jaejoong 2

This is where Stephanie puts on her “Uhhh…really?” face. (If you need a visual it kind of resembles her “what is that smell?” face.)

With the release of some stills of the upcoming drama Triangle (all of Jaejoong–they really know where to hit those prospective viewers)we also get some more plot information. Recapping previous information:

this is story of three brothers separated in childhood, reunited later. Jaejoong is apparently a low-level gangster (we’ll come back to that later) and the younger son, played by Im Shi Wan was adopted into a wealthy family and lives in fear of getting kicked out. I’m sure older brother had some sort of hard knock life which he’s persevered, staying on the right track (it’s the only character left with the hoodlum and rich boy characters being taken.)

Okay, that doesn’t sound too bad. Almost interesting even..

But lets get back to Jaejoong as a gangster. Hrm. There goes that face again. When I first saw the stills, it actually made me a little interested. He looks good. Real good. Him and the motorcycle said more ‘cool guy’ than ‘hood’. I can see him pulling off a cool guy–but a gangster? Even a low level one? I just don’t see it. And it’s not because he’s too pretty, I hate to admit it as it’s not going to be very popular, but I just don’t think he has the acting skills, the presence to pull that sort of character off.

Again. I’ll put it out there. I liked Jaejoong. I really liked him in Protect the Boss. You know, where he played the hardworking chaebol. Cute show, cute roll, and he pulled it off nicely.

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