Very Special Lessons Brought To You By Temptation of Wife

Posted by Stephanie on April 22, 2014

temptation of wifeThis weekend was Easter, which of course means it’s a Kdrama-apalooza up in here. This time around I chose Temptation of Wife, which from the title, and they synopsis, had a high possibility for a high rating on the kdrama crack scale. And I’m happy to report, yes, Temptation of Wife, with it’s fauxcest, adultery, murder, suicides, cancer, and love triangles is cracktastic.

Watching this, I feel like these characters have either no basic sense or they never learned some very valuable lessons which seem pretty straightforward. Nevermind, characters of Temptation of Wife, Stephanie is here to help.

1) Never marry your rapist–this will not work out for you.Temptation of Wife 15

2) If you find out your rapist husband has had an affair and a kid with your best friend and he demands a divorce, let him go, he’s not worth it and, as I’ve learned from plenty of Lifetime Movies, this is a quick way to end up dead.

Temptation of Wife 12 (1)

3) Finally finagle a divorce from your downtrodden pregnant wife? Just let her go. You’ve won. Don’t continue to bother and harass her at the whim of your crazy girlfriend. Go. Live in peace. Haha. Right. Like that new relationship is going to work out.

4) Finally decide the best way to get rid of your pregnant ex-wife is to murder her? Make sure she’s actually dead before going on with your life.

5) When you do kill your wife, don’t do it in a public place, and if you choose to ignore that suggestion, do a quick look around the perimeter, make sure there isn’t someone nearby recording your every move–this will come back to haunt you.

temptation of wife 8

6) If you have an affair with a married man and get him to dump her and marry you? You can not be surprised when he is unfaithful to you.

Temptation of Wife 14

7) Don’t trust your son because he is an idiot who has cheated, lied, and murdered his wife? Don’t trust him with the biggest deal your company has ever had and certainly don’t give him bankbooks filled with billions of won.

8) Your wife gambles, lies and steals from you any chance she gets? Giving her the bankbook filled with almost a million dollars meant to be given to the parents of the ex-wife your son just murdered is not going to work out as you expect.

9) Someone turn up who looks exactly like your ex-wife/daughter-in-law/best friend whose body was never recovered? D.N.A man, check the D.N.A–or at least do a quick internet search.

temptation of wife 2

10) Live in a family filled with thieves, murders, and general douchebags? Don’t bring home a trunk filled with gold bars, meant to save your company and expect it to stick around.

href=””>Temptation of wife 11

11) Taking over a dead person’s identity after your husband attempts to kill you and then fall in love with the brother she killed herself over because he wouldn’t marry her? You better make sure she is actually dead. You yourself should know the dead don’t always stay that way.

12) Find out you have cancer? Get it treated even if you think you’ll lose your pretty and thereby your husband–he’s not worth it anyway.

Temptation of Wife 13

Take these lessons, learn them, live by them. Trust me, it will just make your life that much easier.

I should probably mention that all this has happened and I’m only about halfway through. I’m sure there’s still a lot more crazy to come.

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