Choi Jin Hyuk: At It Again

Posted by Stephanie on April 24, 2014


Choi Jin Hyuk

Now here is a guy who just can’t stop–or a guy who is frantically trying to jam as many projects in as he can before he heads off to his military service. (Which, did you know was planned for next year?)

Choi Jin Hyuk went right from his role in Heirs to starring in Emergency Couple which just ended. (Sidenote: Was this worth watching? I didn’t think it was going to be, but some of the gifs I’m seeing on Tumblr made me second guess myself.) He’s about to start the Flower Grandpa Detective Agency–now in this drama he plays the younger version of one of the Grandpas. The synopsis of this drama is pretty confusing, but from what I understand, this will be an actual part and not just a flash back.

Now the word is that he’s ‘looking favorably upon’ the upcoming TDrama remake, Fated To Love You. In this drama, again, he will be taking on a supporting role as Jang Hyuk has already signed on as the lead.

This news made me think a couple of things. Like I said in my previous post, love Jang Hyuk, but I think I would buy Choi Jin Hyuk as the chaebol heir who accidentally knocks up a stranger.

Um. Wait. That sounds bad.

It could be that he did just come off a role where he was a chaebol heir. It could be because he is younger and has a softer look. However, I think for me, it’s more I just have a hard time seeing Jang Hyuk in the role with his gruff image.

I do wonder: what’s with all Choi Jin Hyuk’s supporting roles? Is he still trying to break out? With his recent success I would have thought he’d moved past b-leads (or roles that are not even b-leads). Do you think he doesn’t want to jump from one lead role to another (as the live shoot system is so taxing)? Or do you think that now that he’s decided to do his service next year, he’s just trying to take anything he can get in order to keep his name out there to give him some cred when he gets out? You know, how people want to leave their careers on a high so its easier to come back? If that’s the case, I don’t think that he will have any trouble getting another role when he gets back. He’s certainly crossed that bar.

Seeing him working so hard, it makes me want to shake Yoon Shi Yoon a little bit. “Yoon Shi Yoon,” I’d say, “Look at what Choi Jin Hyuk is doing. Shouldn’t you go back to work soon? You’re leaving for the military this year, not next.”

It all reminds me, the ‘87ers numbers are coming up. There are a lot of our favorites who were born that year and we’re going to have to be dealing with a lot of these announcements, last works, and sad goodbyes. Here’s hoping everyone else decides to take after Choi Jin Hyuk and leave us with lots of dramas to keep us company while they are gone.

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