Fun Friday: A Crooked Remake

Posted by Stephanie on April 25, 2014

Fun Friday/ Music

Crooked 5This Fun Friday comes from Cherry Cordial. Over in our Kfriends chat, she mentioned that someone on Twitter had sent her a link to someone who had done an English version of GDragon’s Crooked, with an almost shot for shot remake of the video.

At first, I was leery, as my ‘uuuhhh really?’ radar is pretty high. But then, I watched, and surprisingly? I couldn’t stop watching! Akira the Don is apparently a London-based musician, you can check out his blog and post about making the video here.

When I saw this guy who, honestly, does not look like he would listen to kpop, having fun and rocking out—it makes you realize, good music is good music—no matter the source. I just wish more people would give this music a shot with an open mind—and not just look at the packaging, roll the eyes, and back away.

I’ve enjoyed checking out Akira the Don’s blog and reading the few posts he’s done on Kpop—giggling when I see we like the same songs (both being giant fans of Doom Dada from T.O.P)

Akira The Don’s Cover of Crooked


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