BREAKING NEWS! Yoon Shi Yoon Began His Military Service Today

Posted by Stephanie on April 28, 2014


Yoon Shi Yoon 2Waaaaaaah! And I’ll add in a noooo! I was completely shocked to wake up this morning to learn that Yoon Shi Yoon has slipped off and quietly joined the marines yesterday. Not just the Army, but the Marines. I think you could actually hear the unified cries of kdrama fangirls across the world on this news.

A sign that this Monday is gonna suck–hardcore.

We were so not ready for this! We thought we had more time to prepare! The last thing we heard from him is that he was planning to go later this year after one more chance to ‘act passionately’. Where is that one more chance? We were promised another project and now I’m sad we will have to wait two years for him.

I can’t help but think he left his career on a bit of a down note. His last role was a b-lead on the mid-rated drama Prime Minister, his just released golfing movie just flopped (more to do with it being released the same time as the ferry tragedy than the quality of the film) and of course the mess that was Barefoot Friends.

It would make me worry about the roles he’ll get once he gets released, but then I have to remind myself–he’s Yoon Shi Yoon. He’s the Baker King. He’s mother flippin’ Enrique.

Something tells me he’s going to be just fine.

Goodbye our lovely Yoon Shi Yoon, we will miss you dearly. Go, go proudly serve your country, get some military service hottness on you, and come back to us.

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