A Case for the Real Kang Gary

Posted by Stephanie on May 4, 2014

Guy. Seriously guys. I’m an idiot! As I was going through my photos of the DramaFever’s awards event I went through the other day bemoaning my photo quality (lets just say this is the last time I purchase something hawked by Ashton Kutcher), ruthlessly deleting all the blurred nothingness and random crowd shots I was taking before the attendees got there and it was just me, DF crew and other press. I was trying appear to be busy and important, you know, to try and make it look like I knew what I was doing before someone realized I was really not qualified to be there with the bigger media groups and stripped me of my pretty press pass, kicking me to the curb.For some reason I kept passing by this picture–something niggling at my brain, not letting me erase it–even though there was nothing of use.

Then I looked closer.IMG_0025

Holy Shit. Pardon my swearing, but I endeavor to type the truth and that’s exactly what I said. The side of that head looked familiar.

Did I accidentally take a picture of Gary before he got corralled to his booth (as he didn’t want to sit in the green room?) Even more–was I freaking standing right next to Gary and not even know it??Yes, yes I was.

Now, I know the picture is blurry. (Again I shake my fist at the the camera making sky and the Best Buy associate who told me it would be exactly what I needed.) Not to mention, I’ve been wrong before–there are Khotties where people nicely inform me I’ve marked so and so incorrectly–and then there was the time I thought Lenny Kravitz had come into the burger shack Thea and I were in.So here I make my case that that person in front of me, within arms reach–is Gary. Gary fromRunning Man who’d I’d later spend a big part of my evening taking covert pictures of.

Exhibit A: His hair. Gary 3

This is the obvious clue. Yes, not only does this alleged “Gary” have it shaved on the sides, but it also is styled so that the top swoops to the left as the much photographed real Gary. Gary 8

I’d watched his stylist later that evening, spritzing him with a bottle and fixing the hair just so, so I consider myself an expert on his his hair style of the evening.

Exhibit B:Gary 2

Look at how this DramaFever personality (not sure who he is, but he presented a couple of awards later that evening) can’t take his eyes off of this alleged “Gary”. As he has the full frontal view, of course he would know who he was, and because of that, would be staring at him, as I did later that evening.

Exhibit C:Gary 5

The jacket. Gary wore a very distinct suit jacket that evening. See the stripes on the sleeve?

And now the jacket of the alleged “Gary”gary (1)

Finally Exhibit D:
Gary 4

The placid expression.

Now if you’re not in the know, this may come across as boredom, or disinterest, but don’t let the blank face fool you. If you are a true Running Man fan, you know that this is classic Kang Gary–he’s not know as Calm Gary for nothing!

So, in conclusion, I believe I’ve submitted enough evidence to prove my case that, yes, I was standing right next to Gary and never even knew it. This of course also proves that I’m an unobservant idiot who not only deserves to have her press credentials stripped from her, but also her Running Man fan card.

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