Soundtrack Sunday: Answer Me 1997

Posted by Stephanie on May 4, 2014


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When I say it’s been forever since I’ve done a Soundtrack Sunday, I’m not lying–it really has been as the last drama review I snuck in, Pride, didn’t have an OST. Or maybe it did. It was Japanese, so I didn’t really check. But I’m finally getting this review for Answer Me 1997 out, so Soundtrack Sunday is back!

There was a lot of music in Answer Me 1997--there had to be considering the whole thing is based on nostalgia for the year, and a big trigger for the past is music. Now the show, because it featured so many songs of the time, didn’t have its own OST, however, later the director did release a soundtrack with a few songs done by the leads and, of course, a few of the classics.

Here’s a song done by the two leads, Seo In Guk and Jung Eun Ji done for the drama itself, All For Love.


Next up we have a song done by one of the stars Seo In Guk. The song reminds me of him and when he went through–making me sad. But it’s pretty and now I think I need to go out and listen to his other music.
Seo In Guk, Broken


And of course, I had to add in one of the Sechs Kies songs. I wanted to choose one that had a video with Eun Ji Won actually singing and dancing, but in the end, I chose a fan-made video as it showed clips from the second love story. And that couple was just so freaking cute.

Sechs Kies, To You Whom I love

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