Musical Monday: The Gary Edition

Posted by Stephanie on May 5, 2014


mr gae

I swear I’m coming to the end of my Gary obsession. Thea asked if he was going to be my Running Man bias and I admitted no, actually, this current obsession really is just a contact high from being in the same room as him. Even as I watched Running Man on the train yesterday, he still is not my favorite cast member.

But back to his music. Though member of the hiphop group LeeSsang, this actually comes from his solo album that was released earlier this year. When the promo was released for this song, I was on pins and needles waiting for it to be released. Honestly, I couldn’t tell you when I’ve been so excited for a release. Sadly though, when the CD did come out, I was mostly disappointed by it. They didn’t even make a video for this song which is sad, as I really do think it is the best from the collection.


However, I was able to find this video which has the English subs, which are always fun. I especially like the part where he says he can be part of a couple every day except for Monday (a shout out to the former Running Man Monday Couple.)Gary, Mr Gae

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