Friday Fun: Fish Bread!

Posted by Stephanie on May 9, 2014

Fun Friday
fish bread 2Last night Thea and I met up in Soho to go get embroidery floss and bubble tea. Embroidery floss for a project I’m working on and bubble tea because—well it’s awesome. Since we had some extra time we wandered around Chinatown again–because it’s awesome!
As we turned a corner, we noticed out of the corners of our eyes, pictures of fish bread. You know–the yummy, yummy looking goldfish bread we see in Kdrama?

I’ve never actually seen them before. Now the ones we were seeing were mini ones, so it wasn’t quite the same. Upon entering the store we found that they had the normal sized ones and not only that but they were also filled with the red beans! fish bread
He toasted them for me and when when the hot deliciousness came out, it was soft and sweet with a slightly tangy aftertaste. Yay! When my friends at home ask me if I like living here in the big city, there is no doubt in my mind. YES! There are adventures around every corner.
fish bread 3

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