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Posted by Stephanie on May 21, 2014

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trot lovers

In a complete turn around, with the casting of Jung Eun Ji, I am suddenly very interested in the upcoming drama, Trot Lovers. Before, my interest was fairly low to not at all, and now, I might actually watch it. Funny what changing a single person can do.

Looking at the casting I get excited and talk about–it’s usually guy oriented. And, unlike popular opinion, it’s not because I’m boy crazy. No, sadly, there just aren’t a lot of female actresses I get super excited for–and those who I do? Seem to let way too much time lag between projects. Come on ladies! 

Anyway, originally with Trot Lovers, the guy lead casting. Ji Hyun Woo didn’t excite me (sorryQueen In Hyun’s Man lovers) and the original rumors of IU as the heroine wasn’t enough to put it on my radar either–but the recent news that Jung Eun Ji has accepted the role? Well, it’s possible I am in.

Jung Eun Ji did such a kick-butt job in Answer Me 1997, I’ve been eagerly waiting for her to do another drama. I waited, and waited….and waited. Yes, she does have the A Pink day job, but that doesn’t stop other idol actresses, you know, like IU.

In Trot Lovers, she’ll play the trot loving heroine who the musical genius hero reluctantly turns into a star. Now that Jung Eun Ji is attached I can totally see the role in my head. Is it too much to ask that she rocks the Busan accent again? I love the Busan accent!

Now I know she’s in A Pink and an idol, but I don’t actually think I’ve heard her sing before.

Uh. Wait, scratch that, she was in that musical episode of Barefoot Friends where she sang along with Kang Ho Dong, but I don’t think that really counts.

As it’s not hot on the export list, I haven’t heard a lot of Trot music either. Except that one FTIsland released that was trot light. So, now I’m interested in learing more about that too.

I guess we’ll see what the teasers look like to get the final will we or won’t we watch verdict–but so far? I think I’m in.

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