All Surrounded Part 5

Posted by Stephanie on May 22, 2014


Woah. Well, I can say that I didn’t see this tragic backstory coming. I mean, we all knew that Detective Seo and Angry Lady Detective had to have had something pretty bad going on back there. First we thought he may have left her at the altar, then we found out they were once married, this episode, with learning she has an….ahem…active social life with younger men, thought maybe she’d cheated on him. The truth was so much worse.

2But I do wonder, at the scene outside her house when he was like ‘you’re still doing this?’ and she was like ‘you drove me to it’ (paraphrasing), I wonder if she did cheat on him towards the end of their marriage. With the death of their son, both of them blaming themselves and each other (at least on her end) I can see how the end of their marriage must have been horrible. I’m imagining them trying to rally, work it out and stay together, but there was just too much pain. I see them slowly not talking, recriminations, then the eventual break up. I completely feel for these guys.


I do wonder though–what is the time frame for this? In the flashback wasn’t he wearing the same outfit (and sporting the same hair) as he was during the original flashbacks? Did he not make it to the school to save Ji Yoon (Dae Gu) because his son had died? Was he late to pick up his son because he was was working on Ji Yoon’s mother’s case? Now, if this is the case, that will be really mixed up and interesting. So as painful as it will be, the storyteller in me hopes that they take it in this direction.


It was just last episode where I was wondering if Seo Pan Seok was a lead character as he was mainly the scowling man on fringe of the story. I thought perhaps he really was just there to support the 4 newbies–which seemed like a waste-nut this episode, the point of view swapped and the detective and his world was highlighted. And it is not an easy world.


I like that he is slowly softening to the newbies. While he still doubts that they will be able to make it, you can see that he hopes that they’ll prove him wrong. While I hope this continues, I’m sure the writers are not going to keep us on the happy train for too long, although with the the addition of the one ‘villain’ all the characters can get behind, I’m sure this will allow them to band together more.


Good gosh, this guy is horrible. This is one reason why I hate watching procedural, whether they take place in a police station or hospitals, evil bureaucracy–I really dislike those storylines. Why is this guy not a accountable to anyone? He’s just able to pull a powerful detective away from his job to haul prisoners around? Umm… is this really a thing? Isn’t this a giant waste of manpower and money? And the police commissioner has to kowtow to him as well? UGH. Again, those storylines make me so uncomfortable. I know at the end he had to agree to the arrest warrant because his boss was there–but couldn’t his boss have been notified? And now Detective Seo is in jail? It just doesn’t make sense.7

I know there are bad people out there, and I know that the rich get special treatment. But for this guy to use his power to protect the douche (I’m sorry, there are no other words, we knew he was a d-bag from the very first moments on the screen) who killed a kindergartner and tossed his body away like trash? I know the prosecutor is eee-bil, but he’s still human.


So this guy has some sort of beef with the detective. I’m hoping that this next episode will quickly clear up this storyline and put him in his place. In usual kdramas I know that would be a lot to ask, but in You’re All Surrounded, the storylines seem to be moving pretty quickly, so I’ll continue to cross my fingers.9
Again, in this episode we had dumping of background information by the newbies on things that they woudn’t have had any knowledge of. Last week Tae Il didn’t know the two detectives had been married, but this episode he knew all about Detective Seo’s past and what happened with the prosecutor? Last week Ji Kook revealed that they were married but left out the part about them losing their kid? It’s just a little sloppy, or overly convenient, storytelling.10

Random side note–anyone else hoping the kids band together, take down the prosecutor and save Detective Seo? Now that I would like to see.


I am concerned that when Detective Seo was talking to shoe guy (really, is that what we’re calling him?) he wasn’t more ‘I don’t know who you are.’ I know the writers are just pulling us along, but really, does anyone actually believe that he had anything to do with Dae Gu’s mother? I really don’t think so. Buuuutt… since Dae Gu was listening, we have to continue on with the ruse that Detective Seo may possibly be involved.

But should we talk about what I know you’re waiting for? Come on, I know. Shower scene. Yep, we got one.


Oh Seung Gi, you are so so pretty, thank you for sharing with the group.


I love the scene when Soo Sun lips connected with Dae Gu’s chest. Her reaction was so funny. No, ‘hot naked guy in front of me!’, no ‘my lips just touched chest!’, none of the usual kdrama heroine wailing and mortification ‘ottoke!’. Nope, not our Soo Sun. It may have been the leftover alcohol in her system, but the way she just matter of fact-ly commented on how he tasted like strawberry lotion? Yep. I love her. I love her so hardcore.


This of course pushes forward Dae Gu’s change of opinion of her. Or more importantly gets the feeling of lurve a-flowin’. I’m not sure how I feel about this. On the one hand, it’s pretty obvious–not a lot of nuance there. But on the other hand? I like how she isn’t really noticing him in that way. And he isn’t the only one noticing that she’s a purdy, purdy lady.


Ji Kook now see’s her with sparkles and rainbows–but my guess? He’s not going to be much competition, so no real love triangle here. I like that the writers are not going with a love triangle between Detective Seo and the younger detective–that was expected. His storyline with his ex-wife is fresher and more interesting.

I do not like Soo Sun’s new haircut and I’m sad she did it to please Detective Seo–although I guess it means she’s willing to do anything to succeed.


I know that Lady Detective was triggered by the case, however, what she did to that mother was pretty unconscionable. I’d like to think she’s going to feel pretty bad later, but she’s so wrapped up in her own stuff, I’m not sure she will. By lashing out through her own pain, she pretty much destroyed that woman’s life. And again, as when she slapped Detective Seo, it’s pretty freaking unprofessional.18

For a few minutes I thought it was the prosecutor who was Dae Gu’s partner in his plans for revenge. Wouldn’t it have fit? He hates Seo, he has access to case files, and would totally have no scruples to take advantage of Dae Gu. Then there was their shared look when Dae Gu passed him. The side eyed look? Oh yeah, totally working together. As the episode went on though, from the looks on Dae Gu’s face, I think I’ve changed my mind–but it would be an interesting twist if it were true? Dae Gu’s slowly seeing that Seo isn’t bad, and this episode would show that the prosecutor is very, very bad–perhaps this will make him start to look at things from another perspective.


We got another voice-over from Soo Sun, so at least last episode wasn’t a one off, but it still seems horribly out of place. Not just because it suddenly appeared, but it just seems so out of place with the rest of the tone of the drama.20

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