Three Seasons of Jung Yung Hwa?

Posted by Stephanie on May 23, 2014

Casting News

three musketeersJung Yong Hwa is currently in talks to join the upcoming TvN series, Three Musketeers. Well, good on him I guess. But I wonder, does he have the acting chops to do a saeguk? Even a fusion saeguk?

Don’t get me wrong. I like Jung Yong Hwa. Love his band, CNBlue. I even think he’s getting a lot better as an actor. From all accounts he did really well his last drama Marry Him If You Dare (or Mi Rae’s Choice) or at least he was not the reason why I stopped watching the show. I think, if he really wants to continue acting, it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

But a saeguk? 

Don’t those require a lot more work? And skill? It’s just a thought, but I would say…yes.

Now, if this casting does come true, as it’s still in the ‘looking favorably upon’ stage–this is great news for you Yong Hwa fans as The Three Musketeers is purported to overlap three seasons. What the? No, Kdrama–don’t doooo it! Don’t slip into American drama territory where one show can be drawn out until you no longer like it. One of the things I like best about kdrama is the fact that it’s one season, one storyline, you’re in–you meet the characters–you’re out and moving onto the next one.

There are chances that this drama will be saved though. 1) If they are going in with a plan for 3 seasons, they possibly know where they are already going. Or know where they are going to end up. Unlike say, God’s Quiz, where new seasons are surprises that pop up from time to time.

2) It’s being done on TvN. Now, I’m not saying all TvN dramas are awesome, however, if one were to look over my favorites list, these cable dramas usually rank a lot higher than the regular broadcast networks. They are fun, take chances, can be edgy, and usually have some pretty sweet ass kissing. (Here’s hoping Yong Hwa is either not the lead-lead or he’s improved his skills since Heartstrings.)

3) Three Musketeers is being written by the scriptwriter of Queen In Hyun’s Man and Nine–now that is a pretty sweet resume. Queen In Hyun’s Man ranks on  a lot of peoples top 5 dramas and I thought Nine was pretty fantastic. When I’d originally heard that this writer was working on a three series show my reaction was “noooo…..!”, mainly because, what if I don’t like it? Then that takes this interesting writer out of the mix for 3 years. See? When you think of it in that perspective, that’s a big commitment to one show. Put it in another way for you Yong Hwa fans–if you don’t like this drama–too bad because he’ll be stuck there for 3 seasons.

Interesting thought. Will they film it all together? Cable shows do film things like that, but would they film whole series together? What if the first one tanks? Then they are stuck with the two other seasons? And if they don’t, what if Yong Hwa gets called to his military duty part way through? He’s getting older–it’s not out of the question.

Hmm…. a lot to think about here.

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