All Surrounded Part 6: The Ocean In My Worn Out Drawer

Posted by Stephanie on May 24, 2014


This week of episodes shall hence forth be known as ‘The Week Of Revelations’. I feel like that should be said in bold in a large font. So many important details came out. I hope they left some more for later… Just kidding. The writers are doing a good job setting up questions, giving answers which only lead to more questions.

My weirdo question?


Dude. Why did they bother to put Detective Seo in jail at the end of last episode, if he was just able to waltz out the very next scene? Was it a matter of “We’re going to put you in jail for insubordination, you know, until you have something better to do,”? Which seems wrong. In the last episode write up I’d been hoping that the band of newbies (I love how he calls them ‘the kids’) were going to work together in order to free him. But I guess I did get to see that, you know, after he got arrested the second time.


Of which yes, while I don’t like the prosecutor guy either, you can’t assault a coworker, knocking them unconscious and sending them to the hospital, without serious repercussions. In this instance, you can tell that Detective Seo and the Angry Lady Detective make a really good match–both acting before they think–both letting their frustrations out in the workplace. (As this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Seo lash out in anger when he’s frustrated, remembering him drop-kicking Dae Gu after the stalker incident.)


What does separate him though from his ex-wife is the fact that underneath the flashes of anger and frustration, he immediately sees the error of his ways. He knows what he is doing is wrong, and is contrite–that eager young idealistic detective is still inside him. Well….deep, deep, deep inside him.


It did burn my buttons though when the leader was chewing him out in front of everyone. You know what lady? You are also to blame for this situation. You saw what was happening, how the prosecutor was pushing Seo’s buttons, how he was abusing his power, and was pretty much in league with the bad guys. Now I know your hands are tied to some extent, but it’s also your responsibility to be the boss–which sometimes means protecting your people.

I’ve always found it interesting to see how the prosecutors office works in dramas. Here in the states, it’s the police and the detectives who do the investigating and they don’t hand it over until the case is done and ready to be prosecuted. Then the lawyers take over and (hopefully) send people to jail. In Korea it seems like the prosecutors do the investigating and the police are their minions. Again, like last episode where they were having detectives transporting detainees, doesn’t that seem like a waste of time and effort?


But who am I to judge another countries legal system? I will say, if there was a Law & Order Korea? I’d probably actually watch the Order part, as in the US, I only like watching the Law. I like to see them catch the criminals and in my brain they are always convicted. Bad guys lose, good guys win–as it should be.


Since Detective Seo was put in jail the second time we did get to have a breakout scene and I liked the twist that it was Dae Gu who was the one who did it. He’s not looking for Detective Seo to be in jail and have his detective shield stripped from him–Dae Gu wants him to go down for his part in his mother’s murder–and the only way that could be accomplished is if Seo is out of jail and able to interact with the other bad guys. I do wish they’d integrated the scene in the hospital with the prosecutor into the show, rather than just leaving it at the end, as I just wasted valuable time wondering what that paper was and taking points off the writers for not including it. By the end–it was anticlimactic.

My guess? This is not the last we’ll see of the ass-hat prosecutor.


I loved the writers comparing the lives of Detective Seo and Dae Gu. I actually hadn’t thought about how similar they are. Single minded, with painful backstories filled with the destruction of their families and deaths of loved ones who they thought they should have protected, and both of them leading sad, solitary lives as a result. Not gonna lie. During this bit, I may have cried a bit.


I’m starting to feel better and better about the character of Dae Gu now they that they are letting us inside his head more. (Seriously, if we’re forced to have a voice-over don’t you think it ought to have been him? It would have made the whole thing a little more meaningful and less….insipid.) We now see him opening up (internally) to Soo Sun, see a little more of what happened to him during those missing years, and his inner turmoil. It’s pissible I’m still having issues with Seung Gi’s skills as an actor, but I like him so much I continue to let it pass.


Sometimes Dae Gu makes me so cranky with his overt hostility towards Detective Seo. Yes, he hates him because he thinks Seo was in on killing his mother–I get that. But has he never heard of the term, keeping your friends close and your enemies closer? By showing Seo time and again that you resent him, of course is going to make him hyper alert and suspicious of you! When Dae Gu was shocked that Detective Seo had his personnel file on his desk, I wanted to slap him a bit. Seriously. You’re surprised by that? Seriously?? He’s just not thinking ahead.


As I write this, I’m listening to my Pandora station “Man Feelings” and the song ‘Where We Gonna Go From Here”, which is incredibly apt. At the end of the episode we have Soo Sun realizing that Dae Gu is, in fact, the boy she knew as a kid. And then Dae Gu kisses her in order to shut her up so Detective Seo doesn’t find out. This makes me wonder how they are going to take the story in 2 ways.


1) How is he going to explain to Soo Sun why he is in the squad under an assumed name? Is he going to let her in on his plan? She has such a giant case of hero worship for Detective Seo I’m not even sure she could be convinced that he is the bad guy that Dae Gu thinks he is. So if he admits to her who he is, how is he going to get her to keep it to herself? There’s going to have to be some explanation for the deception. Although, I would like to see someone from that group in on his secret, and would especially like to have Soo Sun have some other plotline besides eager recruit (possibly earning her that voice-over). Eventually someone has to know, and why not have it be her?


2) That kiss. So, say Dae Gu manages to get her to shut up about his fake identity. They still have to deal with that kiss and what it means for the group–which was just starting to bond together. If Seo uses this as another reason to minimize Soo Sun because she’s a woman (Minimize is not the right word, but I can’t think of the right word, so it’ll just have to do.) I’m going to be irritated. He was originally against training her because she was a woman (or because she had long hair) and he’s just now started to accept her. Now, if he thinks she’s in an office romance, or is just inspiring people to start kissing her, he may change his mind again. You know, kind of like that news story of the girl getting kicked out of prom because her dress may cause impure thoughts to the guys. Just the fact that someone is female can be a black mark because it interrupts the business of men.

Yeah. That irritates me.


On the other hand, it is a kdrama, so I’m guessing this is going to be the point whee Soo Sun finally starts to look at Dae Gu in a romantic way. Although wouldn’t it be interesting if it didn’t? That, just like when her lips met naked chest, it didn’t faze her at all? Now that would be awesome.

And I love Soo Sun and want her to remain awesome.


Laughed so freaking hard at the scene at the airport. Soo Sun proved herself again to be fast on her feet and fast thinking.


And Dae Gu running the cart down the terminal was awesome–it must have been a blast to film. I hope they are having as much fun filming this these scenes as we are having watching them.


Um…why, when they got the call, did Soo Sun and Dae Gu run to the airport? Hey guys, you know what might be faster? That police car with the flashing lights behind you. Yeah, you know the one you left right there on the street?

This was a pretty bad kiss. We’d better have better ones later.


I now call these guys the Exposition Fairies.


Hey! I forgot to talk about this. Shoe Guy. So, he now knows Dae Gu’s new identity and where to find him. Well, that was pretty easy don’t you think? If he was able to find him within a matter of days of coming back to Korea, why the hell did he wait to do it so long? Why is he even bothering? This whole part of the story is a little irritating to me. The statute of limitations is about to run out. Wouldn’t it have made more sense to lay low until it does? Or, I don’t know, not wait 15 years to go find the kid and clean up the mess? Hrm. Just a thought.


Love, love, love the 3 different looks of jealousy this one hug brought up. I know Detective Seo is caught up with his ex-wife, but wouldn’t it be cool if Soo Sun decided she liked him? With Dae Gu on his way to liking her (we all know it’s coming) wouldn’t this be interesting? Another thing for him to work for! Not to mention, another thing for him to resent Seo for. And for me? I don’t like it when our heroines cave too early.22

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