Soundtrack Sunday: Shut Up Flower Boy Band

Posted by Stephanie on May 25, 2014


soundtrack sunday

This Soundtrack Sunday is so freaking easy.  Sometimes I have to dig through YouTube looking for play lists,  songs, saying ‘was this even in the drama? I certainly don’t remember it.’ But not only is it easier with a show whose plots musically based, but this particular drama has an OST I keep on my phone and listen to all the time. Well, maybe not as much as Coffee Prince but definitely more than You’re Beautiful.

With this rewatch though, I’ve been given a bigger appreciation to the songs.  Before I’d hit the top 3 sometimes add in Circus for good measure–but now I’ll listen to the whole thing. So. Good. I literally want to make out with the sound of Sung Joon’s voice–he has this rough, raspy rock thing going on you don’t usually hear in the world of Korean music.


Wake Up

Not In Love. I’m so glad they included this song. If Lee Min Ki had to leave early at least he left us this.

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