Musical Monday: The I’m So Late It’s Wednesday Edition

Posted by Stephanie on May 28, 2014


Sorry guys, the holiday threw me off my game! But here it is:

Yuna kim 4

This weeks Musical Monday is a song by Yuna Kim. Who is Yuna Kim you say? Well she’s not to be mistaken for skater Yuna Kim, nah, she’s a former winner of one of those musical shows. Instead of going forward with the group she won with, she went to school and now she’s back as a solo artist.

Big deal, right?

Well, this also happens to be the girl who was going to work with MFBTY. I luuuve MFBTY!

yuna kim 3

Did I love this song? Um…no. But it has MFBTY in it! And I’ll do a lot for MFBTY. So here it is! Actually, the song isn’t that bad although they did, for some reason, feel the need to alter TigerJK’s voice–which is fairly unnecessary. The song itself wasn’t heavy on the aegyo, so it had that going for it. Heh. Although something tells me MFBTY laughs in the face of aegyo.

Yuna Kim, Without You Now

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