Trot Lovers–Rom-Com Fun? Lets Hope So

Posted by Stephanie on May 29, 2014

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trot lovers

I’m officially ready to say I’m excited for Trot Lovers. The more I hear about the plot of the top star who hates trot music and the trot music lover coming together? It sounds like nothing but solid rom-com fun. I’m crossing my fingers that there will be no murderous, amnesia, secret baby side plots. In the world of Kdrama it’s not super often we get a character driven drama, so I saver them when I can.

Why am I so excited now? First stills! In my head, I’m saying ‘already?’ but I still haven’t quite gotten used to how quickly the kdrama machine works.

First off we have Ji Hyun Woo as the top star hero. Okay, the magical military math (post army = hottie x 8) really worked for him. He was cute before, but now? Hot x 8. Is he now Khottie material? I guess we’ll find out. Then we have Jung Eun Ji as the trot lover. In these pictures she looks ah-dorable.

Frankly the inclusion of Shin Sung Rok who played the uber evil guy in My Love From Another Star worries me. Not to typecast him–as kdrama does like to typecast–but he plays evil madman well and now everyone knows he plays evil madman well. I hope there is no big evil in the plot. If it’s an entertainment drama I’m guessing he could be an evil manager, an evil agency boss, an evil competitor. So many possible evils.
Trot Lovers doesn’t premier until the end of June, so I’m sure we’ll have more information as it comes along.

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