All Surrounded Part 7: A Person Coming Means

Posted by Stephanie on May 30, 2014


1Woot! We’ve made it to episode 7! And by we, I mean me! This episode was a fun time, with little character moments and the beginnings of a romance both new and rekindled. It was an easy watch, not painful at all—unless you count the uncontrollable eyerolls I had periodically.


I’m not sure why nice and easy needs also mean the writer is falling into the usual Kdrama plot path. I have a little thing where I’m usually pretty good at picking out where a plot or a storyline is going to go which wouldn’t be a big deal if it didn’t irritate me when I’m able to figure them out. Anyone else totally know, when someone said that Soo Sun and Dae Gu needed to go to the island, that they’d be stuck there overnight and, of course, there would only be one room available?3
Anyone else pretty sure as soon as Angry Lady Detective caved a little bit and agreed to go out on date with Detective Seo at 7, that the chances of him actually making that meeting are pretty slim?


Or, how about when the leader said that anyone caught in a personal beef with a prosecutor was going to be fired, like, for realz this time? Oh yeah, it’s only a matter of time before Detective Seo is out on his butt. It might as well have had the ominous dun, Dun, DUN music playing in the background. And I’m sure it will happen when it’s the most in-opportune time.


Now, I’m not saying I’m always right, however, I’m pretty good at this. I do keep out hope that I’ll be wrong. This is the one instance where wrong is good.


The other nit-pick I have? Okay, when Detective Seo was chasing after the suspect. Why? Why was he chasing after the suspect? They had to let him go just an hour before because they didn’t have any evidence to keep him and at that moment Seo didn’t have any more information to prove that he was guilty except the fact that he was hanging out in a mall after giving the stakeout team the slip. Which, given their black bean sauce noodle party, wasn’t actually hard to do at all. And last I heard, hanging out in a mall isn’t exactly a punishable offence. There was no reason for him to give chase, except, you know, because they were short on action this week.


Oh wait, I have one last issue for the overarching story telling. Isn’t it a little convenient to have two storylines back to back which directly correlate with our main characters issues? First we had the hit and run and the death of the child which is exactly what happened to Detective Seo and Angry Lady Detective and this week we have Detective Seo pressuring a witness to testify about a crime she witnessed—which of course is exactly why Dae Gu’s mother died. How convenient.


That was a hard scene. It’s interesting how Seo hasn’t changed at all—but he’s right—that’s his job to find witnesses and convince them to testify but I’m not sure how he expected to keep her anonymous. She was the only person in that tent with the bad guys and the victim—who else would the bad guys expect was testifying against them? It has to be hard for Dae Gu to sit there and watch it go on, knowing that this scene had played out in the past. I understand why he lashed out at the detective, but there was no winning in this situation. I like that he did call Seo out on his promises—reminding him that he’s not always right and it’s not just the original victim you have to protect.


I didn’t actually buy the scene where Dae Gu was freaking out afterwards though—the scene was good—but I think the fault lay at Seung Gi’s feet on that. He is ah-dorable and is a fairly good actor, but in this drama I’m seeing the edges of his limits. It makes me want to go rewatch King 2 Hearts to see if they are there as well and I just didn’t see them.


Now, that was a lot of complaining, but don’t take that as I didn’t care for the episode or I don’t like the show. Really like the show and the episode was basically a fun watch.


One of the best parts of the episode was when Soo Sun did her (still unfortunate) voiceover and we learned that she has the medallion! I literally gasped. Dude! I thought for sure the bad guys had gotten it back—Dae Gu had dropped it right at his feet. I love the fact that she’s kept it all these years. It makes me wonder if this is why the bad guys are coming after Dae Gu—perhaps they think that he has the medallion and that it can point to them as the culprits. Of course though, if they’d just waited out the statute of limitations it wouldn’t matter if Dae Gu had the medallion at all.

Um. Anyone else think it’s complete BS that there is a statute of limitations on murder?


We got a little more information on Tae Il which is interesting. They are out and out going to being up the gay thing. I really thought it was going to be something they toyed around with before revealing he’s really straight at the end of it. (Especially since now that his character is set they’re not being as overt with it.) I want to know what he whispered to Ji Jook sooo bad! But I guess we’ll find out in due time.


I feel like we totally should have known that they weren’t actually going to address the kiss from last week! I think it’s probably points in Detective Seo’s favor that he got out of the way and pretended he didn’t see anything. His reaction was pretty funny.


When Soo Sun finally did broach the subject with Dae Gu, I was so proud of her as a character and a woman with plans of her own. She has decided that, no matter how hard it is, she is going to do whatever it was to be a good detective. And no kissing coworkers was going to get in her way. Her determination and focusing on her own goals is something we don’t see enough of in Kdrama.


Which brings us to the last bit. How freaking cute was the scene when Dae Gu had to have Soo Sun come with him to the bathroom? I so like that he is the one who is falling for her first, but it’s not insta-love that we get so often when a writer has the hero fall first. Her goofy antics cause him to smile, a real smile for the first time. She is exactly what he needs to get himself out of his head. To give him some small part of his life that is good. Or optimistic. The pair make a really good couple and I can’t wait to see them get closer together.


The story is sailing along, but the relative calmness of this episode tells me that we are headed to some sort of upcoming pain. I wonder if next episode is the one where Detective Seo connects the dots and realizes just who Dae Gu is. I’m disappointed that Soo Sun didn’t.


Love that Ji Kook instantly stood up for his partner. He’s weak, until it really matters.

Soo Sun’s mother’s visit was hysterical! Not just getting Soo Sun into the house, but having her mother and her obvious pretty boy bias was a hoot. The actress is pretty funny, I’m glad we got to see her again, and I hope she comes back. You know. Unless she gets in the way of our main couple because she doesn’t approve that Dae Gu is an orphan or because she didn’t like his mom.


Hrm. Does this guy have any other purpose other than to be a jerk?


I enjoyed the fact that the subway is behind doors, I’m guessing it’s so people can’t fall or jump in front of them. Good idea.19

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