Surrounded Part 8: Growth In One Shot

Posted by Stephanie on May 31, 2014


1Seriously guys, seriously. This episode was so awesome. It was so freaking cute I can barely hold back the squeeee’s. This episode was so good, I now curse the fact that I have to wait an entire week to find out what happens next. You poor schmo’s who simulcast all the time? I don’t know how you do it.

Episode 8 was pretty much a repeat, tonally as the one previous; genial, focusing more on the growing relationships and coupling. Added of course with a big reveal. Lets get started with that.
DUDE! I can’t believe it is the captain who is Dae Gu’s partner in the take down of Detective Seo!! (Yes, I believe that warranted 2 exclamation points.) We knew it had to be a higher up person, someone who had connections within the force in order to get his files, but I thought it went higher than that. This explains so much–and yet creates more questions.


Why? What could this woman have against Detective Seo? How did she get hooked up with Dae Gu in the first place? Are they related in some way? Is this really why she’s so adamant about replacing the existing detectives with the band of newbies? This was her way to get Dae Gu in on Detective Seo’s squad?

This can go in so many ways!

I wonder, does this answer the question as to why she stands back and allows Detective Seo to be badgered by the prosecutor? Before I saw it as a weakness of hers, an inability to stand up to the powers that be, but now, I think she likes the aggravation it gives Seo. Push him just far enough to make him pretty miserable and put bad marks on his record, but not enough to get him kicked out–you know–at least until their investigation/revenge is complete.


And that look on her face when she was talking to Dae Gu on the phone? It brings up the question again as to what her motives are with Dae Gu. Is she helping him because they have similar goals or is she using him as a means to an end? With that look on her face I’m leaning on her actually being a bad guy who, not only is up to no good, but is going to be harmful to Dae Gu. How funny that in an instant, with a single look, my thoughts and feelings can change on a single character. I want to shout “Watch out Dae Gu! Don’t trust her!”


As for Dae Gu himself, I think his character is going through changes and this episode we got to see the fruits of some of that growth. At the ferry he was literally at a crossroad, go one way and follow his path of revenge, go the other and he makes a step forward and actually takes a step forward in becoming the good detective he promised Ghost Mom he would be. Which bad guy is he going to choose? Not to mention the fact that by leaving Soo Sun by herself to deal with someone who they now know to be a Stabby McStabberson?


If something had happened to her, he would never have forgiven himself. Protect possible new love? Find his mother’s killer? He had a choice, and by not leaving the island I think he made the right one. By the smile on his face after he caught the bad guy, I think he knows he did as well. See? Just that smile is character growth I think.


The other was when he left his house to bring Soo Sun an umbrella. He took the time to think about someone other than himself. Wanted to protect, even if a small way, Soo Sun. Of course, I’m not exactly sure what he thought she was going to do with that umbrella. She did have a tent.


Of course, now that he’s seen her in Detecive Seo’s house, I wonder what that is going to do to their possible relationship, or to his possible feelings. Is he going to think she’s working with Seo? Is he going to think that they have some sort of romantic relationship? My guess it will be the latter. Which makes me cranky. I hate easy misunderstandings like that. I’m crossing my fingers that Angry Lady Detecive doesn’t do the same thing, but from the stink face expression on her face, and her mistrust and grudge holding of her ex-husband makes me distrust her


I’m really hoping I’m wrong on this. Both Dae Gu and Angry Lady Detective know that Soo Sun doesn’t actually have a place to live now, and at least for Angry Lady Detective, would know that underneath his gruff exterior, Detective Seo is actually a nice guy who cares about people. A nice guy who wouldn’t let one of his ‘kids’ be homeless in the rain.


Okay, I wouldn’t mind some jealousy on Dae Gu’s part, but only if it’s directed towards Seo–if he starts treating Soo Sun like a butt-head again, I’m going to get cranky.

In this episode it’s not just Dae Gu we get to see grow as a character, but Detecive Seo had some pretty great moments. While his turn around is a little quicker, I like that he has realized why his marriage failed and, while he doesn’t promise a change overnight, he knows what he has to do to try again. To be a better husband–and is willing to do it. I’m so glad he was able to meet up with her before she walked away–if they’d completely missed each other that would have been so predictable.


With Soo Son’s experiments to try and figure out if the death of the man was a murder or an accident, showed him just how eager and willing she was to learn and to do a good job. None of the other guys on the team had gone to that extent. She’s proving him wrong, that she is worthy of being a detective, and he’s enjoying being proved wrong. I like that about him.


I love every moment of cuteness we get between Dae Gu and Soo Sun–and this episode? There was lots of them. I loved when they watched each other sleep–loved the fact that with her, he was able to get a full nights sleep that he doesn’t get alone. I love all his side looks at her when she’s not looking. He’s falling pretty hard for her and he doesn’t either know what it is (you know, like the usual Kdrama hero) or just doesn’t know what to do with it. And now that she’s moved past the awkwardness of the kiss–her obliviousness to him and his feelings for her are just a hoot. It’s even better than her just not feeling the same way for him, or him chasing her that we get in other kdramas but the fact that she has no clue it’s one of my favorite parts of the character and the drama. Of course we’re reaching the midway point of the drama so she’d better get clued in soon.


They have finally given the other detective team, our exposition fairies, their own plot line. Last week we had the possible outing of Tae Il and the sharing of the secret. What secret was it? Darned if we know. However, from the way that Ji Wook was reacting to Tae Il I honestly don’t think the secret was that Tae Il is gay. I don’t think Ji Wook would have reacted the way he did if that were the case. I could see him being weirded out and shrinking back if he were uncomfortable with Tae Il but instead his reaction was insecurity.


He is now resentful of how much better Tae Il is than him. I’m thinking the secret had to have something to do with who Tae Il is or where he came from. Maybe he admitted he’s really like super-duper smart? Or that he is really super wealthy? Although that doesn’t seem like it would be that much of a surprise. It has to be something which would make Ji Wook feel inferior. Hmm… these boys just got interesting.


Lets end on the ending. Wohoo! Does Detective Seo now know? Or is Dae Gu going to be able to weasel his way out of being discovered yet again? As much as I want the reveal to happen, from what the writers have done to us time and again, I’m thinking Dae Gu is not going to be caught quite yet. But how is he going to get out of it? Detective Seo is not an idiot.


I wonder what it means for the plot if Dae Gu’s real identity comes out? Is Seo going to be relieved or pissed that the person he’s been looking for all this time has been right under his nose? My guess? With Seo’s quick temper and propensity for violence, it is not going to be a pretty scene. Which I look forward to.

All in all, another great episode! The series is certainly stepping up it’s game.


Lets take another look at that cuteness. Now all together…squeeee!


There was no cut scene at the end of this episode. People! And by people I mean writers and or directors–you can’t willy-nilly stop and start things like that. It’s awkward and makes it look like you don’t have a plan and us as viewers don’t know what to expect. If you’re going to stop the cut scene at the end please, for the love of mike, please top Soo Sun’s voice over.

I loved this believe little moment when Dae Gu immediately poured the cereal back into the container after Tae Il offered to make an omelette. Tae Il has become the den mother of the group and I love how Dae Gu has accepted that.


Product placement. Anyone else notice that there was a fair amount of product placement in this episode? We’ve got the Special K from above and then the coffee shop there was 2 scenes with heavy signage and product placement. I don’t usually care, but this time I noticed. And now I want some cereal.

I was struck this episode just how well Cha Seung Won was cast in this drama. He’s a strong older leading man who can be serious but slightly slapstick, and it’s interesting to see him acting with the younger cast.


Anyone else notice Tae Il with his own stink face he gave Detective Seo? First he was excited to see Angry Lady Detective and then when he realized she was smiling and having a moment with her ex-husband, he gave, what could have been considered an eye-roll tossed in with, what looks like to me, jealousy? Irritation? There was something there. And I want to know what it is.21

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