Musical Monday: The Seo In Guk Edition

Posted by Stephanie on June 2, 2014


Screenshot 2014-06-01 at 5.33.33 PMSometimes I forget that Seo In Guk actually started out as a singer and, as most of us were introduced to him as an actor in Answer Me 1997, I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Just recently I realized I actually own one of his releases, Can We Dance Tonight and one of the songs, actually Can We Dance Tonight had made it’s way onto my workout playlist. Why do I like it so much? The line he keeps repeating “Dance, dance party tonight.” Now, what person doesn’t love a good dance party? Late at night, alone in your apartment, turn up the music and just let to–now that’s a good dance party.

And apparently Seo In Guk feels the same.

I went out to find if it has a video and what do you know? It does–and it’s hysterical. I’m going to go with Seo In Guk is not a dancer–and it totally shows in this video. It reminds me of a Musical Monday a couple of weeks ago with Wheesung where they covered up his lack of dance skills by having everyone dance around him. Here they made the decision to go with a dance so easy even I–with my two left feet–could totally manage it.

Seo In Guk, Can We Dance Tonight

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