Musical Monday: The Taeyang Edition

Posted by Stephanie on June 9, 2014


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So Taeyang came out with his newest release last week and, while not a BigBang production, I guess it will just have to do. You know, until they finally come out with a new CD in the next couple of months.

Taeyang’s music always surprises me. I don’t expect him to be the ballad-er, the R&B guy that he is–you know–from the looks of him. As I’m not usually a big R&B fan, Taeyang’s music is not really my cup of tea–but with his last release and this one–I think his music is growing into something that I can enjoy. This song, while slower, is still powerful and I actually found myself watching through the whole thing (I usually don’t pass the 60 second mark on ballads). And before you ask, no, I didn’t continue watching this one because Taeyang is shirtless thorugh the whole thing. Come on–It’s Taeyang–it’s more weird when he does wear a shirt.

I liked the striped down quality (ahem…pun intended) of the video, shooting tight on him which is different from the usually awesome over the top YG videos. But then towards the end of the video the camera pans out revealing a billboard with a womans face that they set on fire. Um. Really? I think they lost me a bit there. I think it would have been a much better video if they’d kept it right on Taeyang, just him and the camera.

Taeyang, Eyes, Nose, Lips

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