All Surrounded Part 10: What Happened That Night!

Posted by Stephanie on June 16, 2014



I don’t know about you guys, but I spent a good part of this episode, whenever Lee Seung Gi was not on the screen, wondering–before or after accident? And since he was noticeably absent from a lot of scenes, I’m going to go with the knife fight, that injured his eye, was filmed before a lot of stuff. Mainly what we were missing? You know, only the important fall out from last week’s episode. Scenes with Detective Seo and Dae Gu after the reveal. Can Dae Gu just pretend that he doesn’t know that Detective Seo knows who he is? And how is Detective Seo going to treat them in their day to day lives now that he knows?


After episode on top of episode of cuteness, this episode wasn’t nearly as entertaining, and therefor didn’t move as fast as the previous ones. Not that it was boring–there was too much back story wedged in there for it to be considered boring.

The list of things that were revealed in this episode were endless. And nary a point was feed to us via the exposition fairies, so that’s a step in the right direction.


For our first reveal, is that the captain is, in fact, in league with the bad guys! Or she was in the past. Captain was very, very naughty in her past–concealing the fact that Soo Sun had come forward as a witness (probably a good thing as if that information had come forward, Soo Sun probably would have gone the way of Dae Gu’s mom. On top of that the captain, overhearing what was probably the fakest loud phone conversation ev-ar, was able to get the medallion back to the bad guys.


Um. Question. I think I’m remembering this wrong–or they just had a giant continuity error. In my recollection, bad guy dropped pendent, Dae Gu picked it up, dropped it when the bad guy was trying to kill him, and Soo Sun picked it up. In this episode it was revealed that bad guy dropped the pendent, Dae Gu picked up the pendent, Detective Seo took the jacket the pendent was in as evidence, Captain stole it from evidence, gave it back to bad guy, bad guy dropped it again when he was attacking Dae Gu, and Soo Sun picked it up when they all cleared out.

First off–that is one freaking slippery pendent. Especially if the bad guy dropped it twice. You’d think after the first time he’d tuck that sucker in a safe place, or at least not take it with him when he goes to murder someone.

I’m going to have to go back and rewatch that first episode so I can get the timline straight in my head because this is really bugging the heck out of me.


So when the backstory of the Captain was revealed, I was pretty thrown. They keep us up in the air on her character. Evil? Not evil? But I really thought this was a good episode for her, character-wise. She was a bad person or a person who got caught up in something, however, I think she really does now care for Dae Gu. She’s protected him all these years from her bad guy co-conspirators. The look on her face when the Congressman walked past Dae Gu was one of concern and worry. I may be stepping out on a limb here, but I think she feels bad for what she once did and is doing her best to make up for it now.

Which is going to make it super painful when it’s revealed to Dae Gu that it is her and not Detective Seo who is responsible for his mother’s death–not only for Dae Gu–but also for the Captain. Well done writers!


The reveal that we all were fairly certain that was coming was of course that Detective Seo was late to pick up his son because he had to go protect Dae Gu and the reason he couldn’t meet Dae Gu wasn’t that he was a bad guy but that his son had died. You got peanut butter on my chocolate–you got chocolate on my peanut butter! Does this fall under ‘if only they talked things out, everything would be worked out?’ Usually I hate those plots. But I don’t think that’s the case here. Or, at least, not yet. However, now that Detective Seo knows who Dae Gu is, now knows why Dae Gu resents him so much, if he doesn’t tell him soon, it’s going to be irritating. That is the one key bit of information which will break through Dae Gu’s defenses and make him realize that Detective Seo isn’t the bad guy he thinks he is.8

Of course we still have to deal with the fact that Detective Seo knows who the bad guy is–at least now, knowing there is a reason for their connection–we are able to throw away any lingering connection to Detective Seo and the crime. Why though, did they keep referring to him as the blackmailer in previous episodes though?


I’d like to feel bad for the former detective turned killer. As he’s now on the bad side of the law as he was kicked out of the force for shooting someone who was attacking Detective Seo with a flaming stick. But then I stop myself. We watched that guy mercilessly kill Dae Gu’s mom. Any sympathy we had for him as a character was gone long ago–it doesn’t matter what sort of sad story they tack onto him.


What I now wonder–does Detective Seo even know that his old partner is now a murderer? Not only that but is the one who murdered Dae Gu’s mom?

Something that keeps poking at me though, is the evolution of Seo as a detective. In past episodes we see him as eager and naive, but in this episode we see that a full year before the incident with Dae Gu’s mom, he is a detective (who doesn’t seem like newbie.) who lost his partner. How are we supposed to believe that he is then the guy a year later, who eagerly picking up every single cigarette butt in an apartment complex? I think it’s a writing slip up.


I do worry now that Detective Seo said he didn’t want Angry Lady Detective to find out that Dae Gu is Ji Yong. Why? Will it bring up bad memories? If so, that’s okay. However, if she finds out that Dae Gu is Ji Yong and gets mad at Dae Gu over the death of her son, I’m going to be ticked. He was an innocent victim in the situation.


Despite her tendency to fly off the handle, I’m really enjoying Angry Lady Detective (enough to almost learn her name. Almost.) and I’m so glad that they paired her up with Soo Sun this episode. As a female in the same profession, having faced the same issues that Soo Sun is dealing with, and having excelled there, Soo Sun has a lot to learn from her. I like that pairing as it can only make Soo Sun stronger.


As expected, we learn that Tae Il not only trained as a doctor, he comes from a very wealthy family–complete with a Big Bad Kdrama Mama. I am interested in learning in the rest of his story, especially since we now have confirmation that there is some sort of story going on with him and Angry Lady Detective. We at least know that they knew each other before. I wonder. Do you think they could have had some sort of fling together? They did set up a few episodes before that she has a predilection for sleeping with younger men. Could that have included him? Could that be why the look of jelly when he saw she and Detective Seo giving each other warm-fuzzy looks?


15But that doesn’t explain the guy in the picture frame that Tae Il keeps mooning over. Perhaps he and Angry Lady Detective are just acquaintances through the family and he knows the damage she and Seo did to each other while they were married and doesn’t want her to go through it again.

Hmm… it could go either way.


I wonder how they are going to go on with the next episode–plotwise–with Seung Gi injured. Are they going to sneak in some bedrest by putting him in the hospital? Didn’t a drama do that for Park Shin Hye when she got into a car accident during the filming of Heartstrings? I mean, he was just in a knife fight, it’s wouldn’t be too much of a stretch. Whatever they do, I just hope they don’t push him back to work too soon.


So, all is forgiven with Ji Kook and his spoiled brat reveal of Tae Il’s secret. He irritates me so much now. Keep your mitts off Dae Gu’s banana milk! That part of roomate-dom irritates me.


Bad guys know that captain has changed allegiances. Uhoh. This can’t bode well for her.

Kdrama small worlds strikes again! It seems like every single character is connected, backstory wise to another. It almost makes me want to make one of those character charts. I know it is convenient plotwise, but Kdramas make it seem like Seoul is such a small place and that within their stories the cast are all connected, and always make them bump into each other. Hrm.


Ugh! Soo Sun’s voiceover is back! I thought we were rid of that. Sometimes the writers in this show are so good and then they seem so eager to fall back on easy tricks.


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