Musical Monday: The Akdong Musician Edition

Posted by Stephanie on June 16, 2014


akdong musiciansThis is the first time since doing Musical Monday, that I’ve featured the same song two weeks in a row. Last week was Taeyang’s new release Eyes, Nose, Lips and this week, Akdong Musicians, the newer brother-sister music group, covered it. And the results?

I love it, seriously like love-love it. The song makes me happy, and there is so much emotion in it, it also makes me want to cry. This was missing from Taeyang’s version. And, I could be wrong, but it seems like the Akdong version is more….stripped down. I wonder how Taeyang feels about this new group covering it like a week after it was released.

The cover comes from the new YG Cover Project and I’m really excited for the possibilities this project could bring (they called it 001 and to me that says it’s the first one in a series). I’m a huge fan of YG artists (I’m so YG biased) and would love to see some more cross overs.

Akdong Musicians, Eyes, Nose, Lips

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