Signs You’re Becoming Obsessed With Kdrama Part IV

Posted by Stephanie on June 18, 2014


Back to our continuing checklist on things you may want to look for to gauge your Kdrama obsession.

31) Friends may be rocking liquor induced hangovers, while you have a kdrama hangover due to another late night of just one more episode…Smile dong hae 2

32) You spend a nice afternoon with your friends fantasy casting English shows with Korean actors. (Seriously, try it sometime–so much fun!)

33) You’re fighting the urge to buy Spam.20140614_184031

34) You scrutinize all the Korean faces you pass, looking for an undercover star on vacation–you don’t want to be the one who didn’t realize just who you were standing next to until it was too late.

stars I've missed
35) Speaking of hunting for possible star sightings? You might be obsessed with Kdrama if you spend that time searching composing conversations between you and your found star using what little Korean you actually know.stalking

(I cheated here, used Google Translate)
36) The day your show is released you haunt Viki watching that subbing percentage go up and wondering to yourself–how long are you willing to wait before you just go–eh–good enough?subbed

37) Pi! Pi! Pi! You may be a kdrama addict when you get a nosebleed and you think Pi! Pi! Pi! And then look around for your chaebol hero.

38) Shinee. You might be a bit obsessed with Korean entertainment if this happens to you.shinee 2

Fun story–I had a customer call me on the phone talking about her shiny Asian comforter. I. Nearly. Died.

39) Uncontrollable burping? Well we obviously either need to have our fingers poked, or we are dying of a fast moving cancer.

40) While others are busily taking photographs of pretty plates of food–a true drama fan knows what you should really be taking pictures of…plate

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