All Surrounded Part 11: Get the Bastard!

Posted by Stephanie on June 20, 2014


1The secret is out! And is it just me or did it kind of fall a little flat? I don’t know I think I just expected more of a response from Detective Seo. And all the other members responses seemed to be, shrug, “okay”. This was the one huge thing that we were building up to this whole series. So it was a bit anticlimactic.


On the other hand–did Detective Seo seem a little mad at Dae Gu? Like he was offended that Dae Gu thought he was a bad guy all this time? Especially when Detective Seo had spent these last 11 years filled with guilt and searching for Dae Gu?


I did like how Detective Seo admitted his part in what happened in the past, telling everyone that he twisted Dae Gu’s moms arm into testifying when he knew her life was at stake. Of course, as we saw in previous episodes, it’s not like he’s learned his lesson–but would he be Detective Seo if he did?


Luckily, they were able to fit Lee Seung Gi’s injury right into the show. Although I wonder, why did they make him have a knife wound to the arm when they could have just gone with an eye injury. Then they could have given him sunglasses or something–a reason to be protecting his eye. Whatever it was though, I’m glad they were able to give him some rest within the episode to give him time to recuperate.


Soo Sun continues to impress me with her drive to become a detective choosing, rather than to wring her hands, sitting vigil by Dae Gu’s bedside, to be proactive and join the team to find who had done this to him. Of course, she is now racked in guilt over first telling the killer where Dae Gu was in the school during the past and this time losing him at the stake out. I can’t wait for she and Dae Gu to get closer and for them to work out this issue.


We’re now on episode 11 and Dae Gu is still just sending warm looks her way. The scene with him trying to block out the sun was just cute. I wonder when these two are going to get together. Is Soo Sun even aware of him in that way yet? I’m not entirely sure she is. Wouldn’t it be funny if we get to the end (which is now closer than we expect) and they never actually get together.

No. No it wouldn’t. But it’s a kdrama–I don’t think we even have to worry about it.


It’s interesting that Detective Seo had no idea that his old partner was the killer. That was a bit of a fake out–but it bolsters his *not a bad guy* claims. The coincidences in this drama are legendary. I tried to write a flow chart but there were so many lines going everywhere, it was hard to read. Bad writers, bad. I know they want to up the stakes in things, but wouldn’t it have been more interesting or more likely that Seo had known after the fact? Why else would they have been having those clandestine meetings? Or did they as friends always just like hanging out in abandoned warehouses?

The captain is continuing to try and play both sides. Keeping away from Dae Gu that she was on the bad team who hurt his mother in the past, while trying to cooperate as much as she can with the bad team in order to placate them and keep Dae Gu alive. I wonder just how long she thinks she can pull that off? Now that everyone knows who Dae Gu is and Detective Seo knows why Dae Gu is after him, this is the next big time bomb reveal. I think this is going to hurt Dae Gu more than thinking that Detective Seo was a bad guy–because she has sheltered him all these years.

I wanted to talk about these strong women in the episode–but I think that Angry Lady Detective is about to take a giant step backwards. The whole side story about it being her birthday–like it’s a test of Detective Seo’s new commitment to change–is irritating. I really hope that Detective Seo either remembers or the writers will remember that they are writing awesome female leads and will let it drop. He really is trying but this is the one case that has haunted him for a decade. Someone who he thought was dead, is alive and stalking him. His friend and old partner, someone who saved his life, has turned out to be a murderer. He’s got a lot on his plate, so forgetting a birthday? In the scheme of things, it’s not that big of a deal. Get over yourself.

In other anti-climactic news. Thanks to the very handy case of the week, we get to see Tae Il with his parents where he formally told them he was not going to ever be a doctor. Yes, his dad is a douche, but if that’s all we get from that scene? It was kind of a dud. It should have given us a bit more information.

Although I guess we did get that Tae Il has a brother and their father disparages him too. It makes me wonder if that is the man in the framed picture that Tae Il keeps mooning over. I’m fairly certain we can all agree that the gay thing was just to throw us off.

I did love how the exposition faeries took care of Dae Gu. Anything he needed, they were there. I think it showed him that he is not as alone as he thinks he is, or has been in the past. These people are here for him, just waiting for him to let down his guard and let him in.

I know in the last few episodes, I’ve been pretty hard on Ji Kook, but when he tricked Dae Gu into eating the spinach like he was a child, I laughed so hard. I guess he’s not all bad.

But if he turns on anyone again, I’m gonna be ticked.

I’m really not looking forward to the next episode though. Why? With how they ended this episode–anyone else see where they are going with this and say–noooooo! I’m guessing that evil boss arranged for the killer to lure Dae Gu to this deserted area and had the killer killed by a different guy in order to pin it on Dae Gu. What better why to discredit him? I mean, no one else is there to see what really happened. And everyone knows that Dae Gu is out for revenge. Oh right, and he did go to the meeting with a gun. The odds that Dae Gu is going to come out of this without guilt all over his face are pretty slim. This happens in most cop dramas doesn’t it? There is always the very special episode where the hero is framed for a crime he didn’t commit and has to go rouge in order to clear his name.

I hate those episodes.

All in all, a good episode, but I’m worried that the writing might be slipping and our characters (the one thing the writers do pretty well) are being affected by that. And I want better for them.

More cuteness! The text messages back and forth between Dae Gu and Soo Sun. Both of them care way more than they are letting the other know. I heart this couple!

Anybody else notice this writer seems to like to have Cha Seung Won’s shirt off more than Lee Seung Gi? I find it funny.


What is with all the weird shots? Hiding the camera behind things? It is awkward and takes you out of the moment. Especially during the knife fight.


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