Musical Monday: The Rain Edition

Posted by Stephanie on June 23, 2014


rain 2

I realized I was in a music slump with no plans for today’s Musical Monday. For a while there I thought I’d have to skip it altogether. Then I went to the gym and there, on my workout mix, was Rain. When I’d first heard 30Sexy, I didn’t care for it, but then something happened and I realized it was pretty awesome. 

Actually, that’s what happened with me and Rain himself. I didn’t care for him and his R&B and, frankly, his habit of hiking the front of his shirt over the back of his head, while writhing around on stage made me laugh. Who told him that was a good idea? But once he got out of the military and saw him perform at the MAMA’s and of course during those Australian Running Man episodes–I was completely turned around.


He can still keep his R&B to himself though. Oh–and the lip print he wears in this video and La Song is just dumb. But besides that? Yay, Rain!
Rain, 30Sexy

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