Tablo and the YG Cover Project

Posted by Stephanie on June 25, 2014


Tablo 2

Stephanie got a major case of the squee’s this morning. Last week the Musical Monday I talked about YG’s cover project first with Akdong Musicians covering Taeyang’s Eyes, Nose, Lips. And yesterday it was announced that the next song in the series was going to be….Taeyang’s Eyes, Nose, Lips. Hrm. Again? I love the idea of the cover project but why do they keep doing the same song?

But since it’s Tablo doing the covering this time, and since it’s been way too long since we’ve had a Tablo song, I was okay with the idea. I’ll put up with a lot for Tablo. Of course, it said the lyrics were being written by Tablo, and I was all… “Wut?” Why are they writing lyrics for a cover song?

It’s in English! SQUEE!

I was just talking with a new friend about artists recovering a song and how, a good cover is when someone takes that song and makes it their own rather than just regurgitating the same material. YG seems to understand that.

Tablo X Taeyang Eyes, Nose, Lips

This was my literal reaction to the video as I was chatting to Cherry and Thea at the time:

Stephanie Kurze
Literally, I squeeed
theres taeyang
Yeah, I’m okay with it

Yep, I was pretty excited-still am. I was a little thrown off by the appearance of Taeyang, but they worked well together (Taeyang was a guest on Tablo’s solo album). Taeyang was shirtless again. But then again–Taeyang is always shirtless.


I can’t wait for more of these covers to go out.

I’d also like to send a little message to Tablo: See? Was that really so hard to do? Now come out with your own CD, darn it!

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