All Surrounded Part 14

Posted by Stephanie on June 29, 2014



I hate to say it guys–I was underwhelmed by this episode. GASP! I know! After all the episodes of cuteness and forward moving plot, it seemed like this episode just kind of sat there. Plop. We got tidbits of information, a tiny reveal, but mostly it just kind of pedaled in place.


Don’t get me wrong. I squeeed like crazy at the end of the episode. We have kiss off! Or we have a kiss by Dae Gu. I loved how the tables were turned and how, this time, it was her turn to fake kiss him and his turn to be shocked. Of course it is also different this time as he now has feelings for her, so a fake kiss isn’t just a fake kiss. It’s skinship with the girl you lurve.


Apparently it was more than he could take and, succumbing to temptation, he then pulled her in for a real kiss! SQUEEE! I love this couple! And them kissing was just as lovely as we all thought it would be. It reminded me how awesome a kisser he was in King 2 Hearts.


Part of me wants to wonder if this will be the final push to get their feelings out in the open (or his feelings out in the open and Soo Sun to finally realize her own feelings) however, this drama has tricked us before. I’m sure he’s just going to explain it away as he’s done everything else, and she’s just going to believe it as she did with their last kiss. Hrm.

I want for them to be a couple already!


Although, on the upside, we all know if your couple gets together too early, it only means that there is some horrible ripping apart plot twist coming up. By them waiting so long to get together, I’m hoping that once they get together, they will be together Forever. Because that’s where my girl-like fantasies go.


So, we just talked about a good thing, lets go to a bad thing. We finally get most of Tae Il’s story–he was on vacation, met Angry Lady Detective–and fell in love with her at first sight. Well, that’s anticlimactic. After all that buildup to this character and his hidden backstory, to have it be so trite and formulaic? Hrm. And did he become a detective instead of a doctor in order to be with her? Now he just seems dumb and not just a little stalkerish. He seemed like a much cooler character than that.


I think that’s what gets me about this writer. She is so good at creating characters–if the character happens to be a character of the inner circle of the plot, but if it’s a supporting character or even worse, an antagonist–they are going to fall flat. In another drama, it wouldn’t be as noticeable but because the writer is so good at creating those few characters it’s a little glaring with the characters who are left behind.


Back to something good! Hmmm…. I liked that not only did Soo Sun stand up for her mother, for all victims, and told the captain she would not drop the case even if it would make things difficult for the force, but that Dae Gu heard the whole conversation and now there is a scratch on his image of the captain. I think that from here on out things like this is just going to keep happening like that until he finally finds out the truth from her. It seems to be one of the last remaining secrets.


The other side of that is the fact that by calling the captain on her behavior, he was technically taking the side of Soo Sun over the captain. His alliances are changing and I’m interested in what this means for him as a character.


I read the intro of a review to this episode where they said that this was a good episode because the detectives lost against power and money and it made me rethink the episode, made me wonder, did I miss something? But as I think about it, I think that reviewer is wrong. Yes, the daughter of the congressman is getting away with assaulting Soo Sun’s mother, but its not money and power that accomplished this. Through their hard detective work, the group was able to prove, with video, this woman’s guilt. Money and power lost out to our clever detectives–it would have only a matter of time for her to have to answer for her crime.


What got her off the hook was a personal touch, the Congressman directly going to the victim and apologizing and giving excuses for his daughters actions. Yes, what he said was a load of crap and he only did it to get his daughter off the hook (Oh that wicked grin of his as he left knowing he bested the police.)


but it was not his influence that eventually worked. So though our detectives didn’t ultimately win, I think it shows that they have the skills to go head to him when the time comes. And isn’t that the most important thing?


Poor Detective Seo, he had a rough episode. Or has he puts it “One of my detectives hates my guts, the other is after my woman.” He continues to try so hard to take care of Dae Gu (thank you show for continuing to throw them together) only to have his efforts rebuffed. It’s like as hard as he tries, he can’t do anything right.


While I do love it whenever they throw the two adversaries together, I’m glad that Soo Sun is back on the job.


Because then we get the looks of love Dae Gu can’t seem to help throwing her.


I especially loved is the little bit of jealousy Dae Gu had when Detective Seo complimented Soo Sun on her appearance. And then his checking her out when she got out of the van.



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