Musical Monday: The Team H Edition

Posted by Stephanie on June 30, 2014


Team H

This could also be called Musical Monday: The I’m Not Sure If I Like This Song Edition. If I’m not sure if I like it then why am I listing it here you ask? Good question. I really enjoy Team H. They have a fun, exciting, rough edged sound, something you woulnd’t expect coming from Jang Geun Seuk. I blame his partner, Big Brother–he must be that bad influence.

And when I say bad, I mean awesome.

This song? It seems so completely different than what they usually come out with. Where is my fast beat? Where is the funny? Where is the slight boundary pushing? It’s certainly not here. This song almost seems like it can come from any other Kpop band.Team H 2

So I bring this song to you. Listen. Tell me what you think. (I feel like I should reiterate–I love Team H–I even own several of their CD’s, it’s just the complete…differentness of this release that is throwing me.)

Team H, Take Me

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